Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fave Breakfast + New Plates

Quick post tonight: I have to get to bed pronto because I have to be at the WREG Channel 3 studio bright 'n' early for my live cooking segment. I'll be cooking BBQ Tempeh & Carrot Sandwiches topped Creamy Poppyseed Coleslaw from Cookin' Crunk on the Live @9 morning show. If you're local, tune in! Hopefully, they'll post the segment on their site later in the day and I can share here.

This morning, I had one of my favorite breakfasts from Cookin' Crunk. It's not explicitly Southern, but I just had to include it in the book because it's so easy and delicious. It's Tofu Cottage Cheese served on whole wheat toast with Marmite:

Before going vegan, I always loved cottage cheese sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. The crumbled tofu mimics the curds in cottage cheese and a tad bit of vegan mayo and vegan yogurt give it the creamy texture. I love serving this with Marmite because the saltiness and the creaminess are the perfect complement to crispy toast.

Check out my new plates! My friends Andy and Jordan got me two new sets of plates and a new set of bowls for my housewarming party. I just love these! Most all of my plates are vintage from the 70s, 80s, or 90s. And while I love my retro stuff, its nice to live in the now sometimes with modern dishes.


climbinvegan said...

I used to love cottage cheese too!!!!!!! I now need to hunt down your book just to make this.. :) good luck tomorrow!

Kittee Bee Berns said...

Oh! I hope they post your segment online, I'd love to watch you in action.


Babette said...

I just found some Marmite this week. I'll make sure to check out that recipe this weekend.

Barb@ThatWasVegan said...

I hope they post it online, although I'm certain you rocked it!

Luka, said...

i just browsed through a little and i am THRILLED to have found you!
amazing recipes and amazing tone to your words ;) i'm coming back. and i now know what to cook for dinner. thanks. ;)

Sarah said...

my dad taught me to love cottage cheese on toast AND cottage cheese with noodles and tons of pepper.

Madison @ Veggieful said...

Ohhhh this looks delicious... I am craving something like this right now :)