Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vegan Kickstart: Day 20 (Almost There!)

Just one more day, y'all. One more day and I go back to my normal chocolate-eatin', beer-sippin', processed food-eatin' ways. I love the healthy eats and all, but a girl needs her junk food too. Day 20 of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart plan began with a hearty slice of Spinach & Mushroom Frittata with Rye Bread:

Now I'm well aware that this may be the ugliest tofu frittata ever photographed, but it was pretty tasty. Lots of spinach! I seasoned it with black salt to up the eggy taste. This was five million times more satisfying than yesterday's breakfast smoothie.

Lunch was three Quickie Quesadillas made with corn tortillas, roasted red pepper hummus, green onion, tomatoes, and salsa:

It started snowing here around noon! This has been the craziest winter ever for Memphis. Snow twice is January .... unheard of! Most people left work early to pick up kids from closed schools or just because, hey, it was snowing. Snow day! But I had lots to do so I stayed at work all day and enjoyed my snack of Cheezy Dill Popcorn in the peaceful, deserted office:

Dinner was one of my top faves of the cleanse — Mung Bean Pasta with Chunky Ratatouille Sauce and White Beans:

The sauce was made from red wine, eggplant, fire-roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, onions, and garlic. So tasty! And the mung bean pasta is so ridiculously good.

I skipped my dessert on Sunday because I just wasn't feeling it, so I made up for that lost dessert tonight! This Chocolate Banana Smoothie was everything a smoothie should be — a snack (not a meal), banana-y, and heavy on the chocolate soymilk. No fancy health powder add-ins here. Just yummy bananas and chocolate.

Before I close out, I want to let y'all know about an exciting event. From February 25th-27th, the Farm in Summertown is hosting a Vegan Cooking Retreat and I'll be doing a presentation. I'm planning to demonstrate several dishes from my upcoming cookbook, so if you're in the area (or if you feel like a road trip), come on down to the Farm!

Other presenters include Louise Hagler (Tofu Cookery!), Alan Roettinger (author of Speed Vegan), Barbara Bloomfield (one of the Farm's best cooks! I know from personal experience), and Cynthia Holzapfel (managing editor of the Book Publishing Company). Click here for more info.


kimberly said...

chocolate and banana are my favorite combo! sometimes, i add a little pb but then i get carried away and can't stop eating it!

Vegan Georgia said...

Congratulations on being part of the retreat! That sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

So the vegan fritta is not ugly! lol. the picture actually made me click the link and open to your blog. Guess I love gooey, savory things! Thanks for the post, I'm going to try this recipe this weekend!

Anonymous said...

ooh, humus in quesadilla! Never tried...I will have to give that a shot :)

the pasta look amazing!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

I actually think that frittata looks delicious! I love tofu frittata. I LOVE hummus quesadillas, too. Yours look awesome!!

So cool that you're giving a presentation! Sounds great!

Dunia berkarya said...

seems very tasty, and maybe someday I'll try to make it, I can learn to enjoy, thanks friend

Erin said...

That is one tasty day's worth of food! I was confused about the pasta at first...I read it as pasta with both mung beans and white beans, and thought that was odd. Mung bean pasta sounds really cool though, I've never heard of it.

misss_e said...

Keep it up! The Frit is actually not bad looking. Im going to try the smoothies...I wish I could like hummus. I get jealous of everyone eating it all the time.

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

I love chocolate and banana smoothies! Do you ever make them with frozen bananas? They're like healthy ice cream. Sometimes I take a little almond milk, some frozen bananas, and frozen strawberries and just blend them all together to make strawberry ice cream. Fast and delicious!

Can't wait to read about your cooking demos at the vegan cooking retreat. Louise Hagler, that's awesome!

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Aaarrrgghhh! When I deleted my big MoFo bundle from Google Reader, it took along with it a few of my pre-bundle subscriptions - including yours! I'm still trying to figure out which blogs I'm missing! :(

That frittata is not ugly! I'll take some please! And a couple of quesadillas too, since you're offering. You weren't offering? :P

You made a perfect smoothie there. I do not want to add a bunch of chalky powders to my smoothies, all I want is something yummy and *smooth* to have as a little snack. Bananas + chocolate = purity!

Have fun at the Vegan Cooking Retreat! And I don't need to tell you that we demand to see lots of pictures! :D

Ricki said...

Good for you for sticking with it! And it doesn't sound like there's been any deprivation with those amazing meals. I think I like the popcorn best of the bunch!

And congrats on the presentation--what fun! :D

Tender Branson said...

Mung bean pasta? Need to give that a try. Congratulations on the presentation.