Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Shroomlicious Shrooms, Pad See Ew, and Breakfast Sammy

Here are a few meals I've eaten out lately. I've been really into Shroomlicious, a Memphis takeout meal service where everything is made with mushrooms. The other day, I got a craving for their oyster mushroom wings, so I logged onto their site and saw Korean "Chicken" and Waffles, and I NEEDED that. I mean, NEED. Just look at it!

It was the same crispy, fried oyster mushroom that you get with the wings but served atop a waffle with a spicy-sweet sauce. Mmmmmm.

And then, about a week later, I stopped by to support them during Memphis Black Restaurant Week. Shroomlicious was offering a Vegan Catfish Sandwich special (made with mushrooms, of course) with a side of fries and a lion's mane lemonade. The "fish" really tasted like catfish! The breading had that same flavor I remember from eating fried catfish as a kid. 

Paul and I got some takeout from The Nine Thai Sushi a couple weeks ago, and I opted for the same thing I always order there: Pad See Ew with tofu. I love, love, love pad see ew. I was a little bummed to see they'd switched from deep-fried tofu to pan-fried tofu, but it was still good. We enjoyed this while watching The Hangover II, which is set in Thailand. Yes, I know it's a terrible movie, but I love trashy comedy.

And finally, here's a recent "Kenzie Special" from Lulu's Cafe & Bakery. My friend Kenzie works remotely from Lulu's many days of the week, and she's had everything on the menu. So she's started inventing stuff. This was one of her inventions, and I had them make it for me too. It has their blackeyed pea sausage, cashew cream cheese, and strawberry-chipotle jam on a sourdough bun.

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