Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pizza & Injera & Noodles!

This week has been filled with some of my favorite foods! On Monday night, Paul and I went to a guided meditation class at Crosstown Arts (where I work), and then we went home and had PIZZA NIGHT! First of all, I should say that it's a miracle that I convinced Paul to go to a meditation class, but he did. And though he struggled to sit still and be quiet for an hour, he did it. And I'm very proud! So a pizza celebration was called for.

I cooked a Daiya Meatless Meat Lovers Pizza (my new fave frozen pizza), and Paul grabbed a non-vegan pie from Domino's. We watched You on Netflix and ate pizza (plus salad for me).

On Tuesday night, we had our monthly Vegan Drinks meet-up at Blue Nile, and I got the Veggie Platter with bonus tofu tibs (the tibs are a $3 up-charge but so worth it). Ethiopian is my FAVORITE cuisine. I'm practicing stopping eating when I'm full (it's hard), but I managed to save half of this for leftovers tonight. And tonight, I was so glad I did! This had red lentils, yellow split peas, fried tofu tibs, sauteed broccoli & green beans, collards & cabbage, stewed potatoes & carrots, green salad, beet salad, and all-you-can eat injera bread. 

This weekend, Paul ordered the Tofu Veggie Noodle Soup from Crazy Noodle and ended up only eating a small portion. So he left me the leftovers. I boosted them up with extra tofu and mushrooms and had that for dinner last night after our Crosstown Run Crew meet-up. Enjoyed while watching TV (and watching Maynard enjoy a treat).

And finally, cause I know you're probably sick of seeing oats (but oh well), here's another Berry Oatmeal Bowl with cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries (cooked into the oats), topped with banana and chia-flax peanut butter.


Unknown said...

I think the only way i could survive an hour guided meditation would be with the promise of a pizza reward! ;))
Ethiopian is a favorite of mine too- I’m a big fan of any food eaten with my hands and the variety platter is always my go to. Bonus leftovers for the next day is the best part of eating out! Even better when you score paul’s leftover tofu noodles too.

The Veganarium said...

That pizza looks insanely good, I get so jealous of some of the amazing vegan food that we can't get here in the UK!

I couldn't see a link so wondered if you had Instagram at all?

Bianca said...

Hi Veganarium! I'm at @biancaphillips on IG. Would love a follow (and I can follow you back!).

Sarah said...

Oooh yum! Pizza night sounds great (especially following a meditation class) and that Ethiopian food looks incredible! I don't know how well I'd do with eating with my hands from a shared plate but the food looks so delicious. The soup is perfect (I need some warm soups in my life right now) and I love seeing your oatmeal bowls!

Susan said...

Pizza night is an excellent treat for doing a meditation class! Meditation is not my strong suit.