Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue, Day 3

In case you're just catching up, I'm doing Rip Esselstyn's 7-Day Rescue Diet, a more extreme version of his Engine 2 program. The regular program is oil-free and plant-strong, but the 7-Day Rescue focuses even more on making sure you're limiting added sodium and sugars. Plus, there's a little less nuts and avocados (though they're still allowed, just in smaller portions for 7 days). I needed a spring reboot to help me clean up my junk food binging habits and to give me something to keep me busy while I'm not running.

Yesterday morning, I slept in because I've been doing an evening spinning class on Tuesdays. When I woke up, I had Raw Strawberry Oats from the 7-Day Rescue Diet cookbook. All recipes in this post are from that book, by the way. 

This was plain, rolled oats with oat milk, chia seeds, strawberries, banana, and kiwi. It was excellent! Not sure I've ever had plain rolled oats as a cereal, but I really loved the way they soaked up the oat milk. That oat milk, by Pacific, is one of only a few plant milks recommended on the plan because it has way less sodium and is naturally sweetened by the oats. It's very good!

Morning snack was Baby Carrots & Radishes with Rip's recipe for homemade oil-free hummus. By the way, those hot pink walls belong to my office breakroom! I love working for an arts organization!

Lunch was leftover Split Pea Soup with Brown Rice. On Monday, I had this over quinoa, and yesterday, I used rice instead. I like the rice with it the best!

I had Side Salad with cherry tomato, cucumber, onion, romaine, and oil-free maple-balsamic dressing on the side.

My spinning class at the Church Health YMCA was at 5:30 pm, right after work. So I had a BIG snack of Fruit Salad with banana, kiwi, strawberry, grapes, walnuts, and a couple chopped almond date rolls. I usually have a Clif Bar before class, and I wanted to make sure my snack would satisfy like a bar would.

It did! I made it through an hour-long class without starving! But I was pretty hungry when I got home, so this hearty meal of Lazy Day Tostadas hit the spot. Corn tortillas are topped with smashed, baked white potato, a mix of fat-free refried and black beans, salsa, scallion, and cilantro. 

And I had more steamed Turnip Greens with oil-free spicy vinaigrette on the side.

I love how hearty these meals are! So many beans and potatoes and grains. It's a very carb-heavy diet (I'm averaging 70% carbs, 10% fat, and 15% protein), which is perfect for me as I do better on high-carb diets. I'm feeling amazing. My digestion is on point, and I have more energy than usual.


MikeG said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as well as the food porn! Reading this blog and knowing we strive for the same eating habits, in the same city, may help me along my journey.
Thanks ✌❤️

Sarah said...

Wow! Everything you've been eating for this reboot looks seriously incredible. The meals looks so colorful, fresh, hearty and nourishing. I'm so glad that you are feeling great as well! It sounds like this plan is a perfect way to reboot!

Hillary said...

This doesn't look like a reboot at all, it looks like you're just eating some delicious food! I'm glad your still able to o some workouts while healing!!