Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vegan Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burger!

This is one of those posts when I give you a recipe! But it's not really a recipe. It's like a semi-homemade, lazy-ass recipe. But it's tasty. I promise.

It all started when I spied the new Daiya Swiss Style Slices at Whole Foods. I'd been eagerly awaiting the new Daiya products (slices, cream cheese, and frozen pizzas) for months, and every time I went to Whole Foods, I'd look to see if they were stocked. As soon as I spotted the Swiss slices, I threw some in my cart.

I made a few vegan Swiss and ham sandwiches right away using Smart Deli Baked Ham Style Slices. This stuff is awesome. It really tastes like Swiss! There's a slight sweetness to it, but it's a good sweetness. Anyway, there are 11 slices of Swiss in each package, so what to do next? Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burgers, of course!

I used Gardein Beefless Burgers (the best packaged veggie burgers ever), Daiya Swiss slices, Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon, Roasted Garlic Vegenaise, and some mushrooms sauteed with paprika and garlic salt. And it's all on a Food for Life Ezekial 4:9 Sesame Bun.


This was amazing. Sure, it's loaded with processed stuff. But hey, that processed stuff is still vegan, and that means it's free of cholesterol and low in artery-clogging saturated fats. And I'm okay with that. I had some homemade slow-roasted garlic tater wedges on the side.

Here's the lazy recipe. You can use whatever burger, mayo, bacon sub, or buns that you want.

Vegan Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burger
1 tsp. olive oil
8 ounce package sliced button mushrooms
1 tsp. paprika
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
4 vegan burger patties
4 slices Daiya Swiss Style Slices
2 Tbsp. vegan mayo
1/4 cup coconut bacon OR 1/4 cup crumbled vegan bacon
4 vegan hamburger buns

Heat the oil in a non-stick skillet. Add the mushroom slices, paprika, and garlic salt. Stir and saute for 7 to 10 minutes until mushrooms have cooked down and are soft.

Heat the burger patties in a skillet according to package directions. When the burger is cooked through on one side, flip and top with slices of Swiss. Place a lid or some type of cover over the skillet for a few seconds to allow the cheese to melt better.

To assemble, spread the mayo on the top halves of buns. Sprinkle the bacon over the mayo. Place the cooked burgers with cheese on the bottom halves of buns. Top with 1/4 cup mushrooms and top half of bun. Eat.


Anonymous said...

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Barb@ThatWasVegan? said...

GIRL! That looks so good! I love the new Daiya slices and I love the coco-bacon... and I love stuffing my face with veggie burgers, so this is pretty much my idea of heaven ;)

Joni Newman said...

Oh man! I love when you can easily throw together an amazing dish with all of the fantastiv vegan convenience foods out there. I mean, even as a cookbook author, you can't be bothered to create everything from scratch daily! This burger looks I just have to find some of those swiss slices!

Trinityp333 said...

Coconut bacon?????

Sheridan & Drew said...

Ok, YUM. I need to make this soon! I wish our Whole Foods would get the dang swiss slices!

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you. I don't make lazy ass stuff often but it sure is nice as a fallback or emergency (like my fake chicken parm "recipe" when I had unexpected dinner guests and 1/2 hour to get dinner ready, no lie, salad for them to eat while pasta boiled, nuked the gardein spicy marinara chick'n patties for a minute, flipped & topped with some shredded daiya mozzarella, nuked for 45 seconds, on top of the pasta, squirted some of the marinara sauce on top of each serving). Recipes like these are AWESOME. And my dessert was just as lazy-assed but they raved about dinner. They might just be good liars though.

Jessica Stowell said...

Wow, this looks SO good! While I totally embrace healthy vegan living, I do love me some vegan junk food from time to time! Hope they get the Daiya swiss at my WF soon! Thanks for the recipe!