Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crunchy Onion Crunkness

I can't believe I used to hate onions. When I was a little kid, I wouldn't come within ten feet of a dish cooked with onions. My mom would have to make two separate versions of many of her dishes, leaving the onions out of mine. Of course, sometimes she'd chop 'em up really small and try to sneak them in. But she didn't come clean with that until I started liking onions years later.

I don't know when the change happened. But I know that I adore onions now — caramelized, sauteed, fried in rings, and even raw. I like onions all kinds of ways. But you wanna know my favorite way? French fried!! Like green bean casserole onion topper style!

The people at Loeb's Onion Crunch asked if I'd like to review their Original Roasted flavor of crunchy onion topping. Of course I said yes!

This stuff is all-natural and vegan. There's even a cute little "V" on the label. Of course, it's marketed to a wider non-vegan audience so the packaging suggests using Onion Crunch on steaks, eggs, and fish as well as a topping for hummus, soups, and vegetables. But I love it when non-vegan companies put the "V" on their stuff! It makes it easier for vegans to figure out if the product is safe, and it spreads the message to omnis that vegan food is accessible and tasty.

I've tried Onion Crunch in a few ways so far. First, I sprinkled it on some Sauteed Kale with Garlic and Mirin. Loved the crunch and deep oniony flavor.

I'm of the opinion that a salad isn't a proper salad without sufficient crunchy toppings (bacony bits, vegan croutons, sunflower seeds, etc.). Onion Crunch completed this Big Ass Dinner Salad topped with vegan ranch and peppered with vegan ham.

Now I try to cook all of my veggies from scratch, but some days, I just don't have time. Some days, I eat veggies from a can. But canned veggies need a little extra TLC to make them taste delicious. Onion Crunch (plus a little Vegeta all-purpose seasoning) took these canned green beans from meh to super yummy.

I still haven't tried Onion Crunch on a vegan hot dog, but they're having a contest right now on their Facebook page and if you send Onion Crunch a picture of your hot dog topped with their fried onions, you can be entered to win a $100 gift card to the grocery store of your choice. Click here for more info.


Dana said...

Holy Crap! That looks delicious!

Babette said...

Interesting! That's something I would like to sample.

Karen L. said...

AHH! I love this stuff. I put it on top of my mac n cheeze and it is so awesome. I mean mac n cheeze is already awesome but you know...

Amber Anna said...

That looks so good! I've always loved onions, and fried this is perfect!

Pat said...

I had to run out at lunch and buy some. YumYumYum.
Really good stuff.

Moi said...

I FOUND THESE A WEEK OR TWO AGO! I thought it looked so generic (but they're SO delicious!), and the other day when I read the back I was SHOCKED to see that it was vegan and GMO-free! All these proud little labels! Haha I was going to write about it on my blog eventually to rave about them, too!