Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get Energized! Only 5 Calories!

Warning: This is another mushy-gushy "I heart Vega" post. But you know, I really do! I review a lot of products here, and I really like most of them. But Vega has truly stolen my heart, likely because I started using Vega products this past January when I decided that I would run a half-marathon this year. The Vega One protein powder, the energy gels, the electrolyte hydrators, and the protein bars have been essential for my training and recovery.

And just when I thought Vega had developed all the products I'd ever need, they come out with something new! And now I have a new addiction — Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer.

This is a stevia-sweetened powder that you mix with water before a low-intensity or short duration workout (that's less than one hour according to the instructions on the box). And it's only 5 calories! The energizer is specially formulated to provide immediate and sustained energy, endurance, and mental focus.

You just mix the powder (it comes in tubs and travel packets) with eight ounces of water and drink up before a workout. As for the taste, well, it tastes like a healthy, fancy, stevia-sweetened tea drink. Like something you'd pay good money for in a nice glass bottle.

Here's what's in it: coconut seed oil, yerba mate, devil's claw extract, green tea, rhodiola root, ginseng, tumeric, ginger, natural flavors, spinach leaf powder, stevia, citric and malic acid, and beta carotene. It comes in two flavors — lemon lime and acai berry.

I've read all of Vega founder/vegan Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier's books, and he writes a lot about using green tea and yerba mate for a quick pre-workout boost. So that's what this does.

For the past couple weeks, I've been using this powder before my lighter workouts, such as weight training and yoga. It's not enough to power me through a long run. But my half-marathon training program includes rest days, during which I try to do light toning, stretching, and balance stuff. And these energizers are perfect for that.

Since the lighter workouts don't burn many calories, I always struggle with what to eat before them. I typically eat coconut butter-stuffed dates before long runs, but that's really too many calories before doing yoga (keep in mind that I work out in the morning and eat breakfast immediately after working out ... don't want to eat too much before a workout and ruin my breakfast or feel weighed down). So these are perfect!! I both love and hate Vega for coming out with this. On one hand, it's a great new product that will help me with my workouts. On the other hand, it's another product to add to my ever-growing grocery list (after my free samples run out).

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AlwaysJoy said...

Yay! A pea free vega product (seriously being a vegan allergic to pea protein sucks) I'm headed to whole foods today anyway - I hope they have some