Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Coffee & Omelettes & Biscuits!

Happy International Coffee Day! I always drink at least one cup in the mornings, but today I had two because COFFEE DAY! My second (extra) cup was this Oatmilk Cortado from the cafe at Crosstown Arts.

But my day started at home with a locally roasted French Truck Coffee Big River with Nutpods Pumpkin Spice Creamer. I love Nutpods because it's unsweetened, so I was super excited when I saw they have pumpkin spice creamer! So many of the pumpkin spice creamers are too sweet, but this one is free of added sugars.

In keeping with the coffee theme, here are a couple of awesome recent breakfasts. On Saturday, I enjoyed my usual pre-run bagel before my 8-mile training run. But as soon as that run was over, I refueled in the car with one of my fave Lulu's Baked Vegan Sausage Biscuits from the CY Farmers Market. I followed that with a smoothie at home for more proper post-run nutrition.

Mondays are workout rest days for me, so I get to sleep in until 6 am (yay!) and have a bigger breakfast. Yesterday, that was a Tofu Omelet from Hooked on Plants. This is totally whole food, plant-based, except for the Chao cheese.

With 80/20 Plants, I'm learning to look at each meal and ask myself, "Is 80% of this meal made from whole foods?" The other 20% of the meal can be plant meats or cheeses, white breads, or oils.

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