Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Scones! Sandwiches! Tacos!

Everyone's heard of avocado toast. But what about avocado scones??? I made the Black Pepper Rosemary Scones from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook Sunday night to eat for breakfast this week. The recipe suggests slicing these oil-free (made with tahini for the fat) savory scones in half and topping with mashed avocado and nooch. Perfect breakfast!

I've been on a scone kick lately. Picked up a Sweet Potato Scone with vanilla frosting (baked by my friend Stephanie) at the Lulu's Baked booth at the CY Farmer's Market on Saturday. Also grabbed some yummy Cashew Queso that has been PERFECT with my favorite sweet potato corn chips this week.

Here's my Lulu's haul from last week — City Loaf (which I enjoyed with Miyoko's butter and tofu scramble all week!) and Smoked Asparagus & Shiitake Bun.

I've been eating lots of sandwiches for lunches this past week. Here's one with seitan slices (from Nashville's vegan butcher The BE-Hive — I bought this forever ago and froze it), avo, tomato, and lettuce on whole wheat. Served with chips and cashew queso and salsa.

Last Saturday was my friend Mike's birthday, and he wanted to eat at Frieda's, a Midtown Mexican restaurant. They have a pretty large vegetarian menu, but it's all very cheesy. I've certainly ordered those dishes without cheese before, but nothing on that menu sounded good on Saturday. What I wanted was tacos! And there are no vegetarian tacos there. But they do have a side menu where you can order plain tortillas, black beans, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, and all the fixins — each for $1-$2. I made a build-your-own taco station by ordering sides! I ended up with enough food for 3 tacos (plus lots of chips and salsa and guac) for less than $10! 


Hillary said...

Yum, I love savory scones!
Sometimes the best meals come from a bunch of sides.

Sarah said...

OMG yum! It all looks so good! Avocado scones are such a great idea! I've never had a savory scone but I definitely need some in my life. The Lulu's haul looks awesome and that sandwich, yum!! I don't know why I forget about sandwiches as a quick lunch but I need to start doing that more! Yours looks awesome!