Monday, May 20, 2019

Lucky Cat Ramen, BBQ Tofu, Mini Tacos & More!

My friend Susan and I FINALLY checked out the new Lucky Cat Ramen shop on Broad Avenue. We'd been to their old pop-up location on Cooper several times, but now they're in a permanent place with a beer/liquor license! This was right after Lent, and I'd given up ramen for Lent, so I was VERY excited to be eating the Veggie Yuzu Ramen (made with the best-ever veggie broth). This is served with an egg on top, but they're happy to leave it off on request.

The cafe at Crosstown Arts had a Southern Bowl on the menu last week, so y'all know I had to get that. This had creamy grits topped with black-eyed peas, spinach, and BBQ tofu.

One night last week, I had a meeting after work and needed a super-quick dinner. So I air-fried some Carla Lee's Nut Tacos! I LOVE these mini frozen tacos, which boast a totally whole foods-based nut filling. I stuffed mine with avocado, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, and salsa. On the side, I seasoned some canned black beans with salsa. Dinner in 15 minutes or less!

Speaking of quick dinners, here's a Tofu Stir-fry from last week that was thrown together in about 15 minutes as well. I marinated tofu the night before and air-fried it while I sauteed some frozen mixed veggies and a little leftover chopped kale. Served over brown rice prepped the night before.

And finally, here's a quick week day lunch at work. I packed some hummus, pita, and raw veggies and made a little pita sandwich. Served with Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato corn chips (my current fave chip) and salsa.


Gabs said...

Keep writing amazing articles like this. Good read!

Hillary said...

I definitely have ramen envy!!
The BBQ tofu bowl looks so great too.
I love those tortilla chips too! I used to be scared of sweet potato chips for some silly reason!

Sarah said...

OMG it all looks so good! That ramen looks seriously incredible and the Southern Bowl, OMG! I need all of that in my life!

Susan said...

That ramen looks so good! I think of you every time I have ramen.