Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Imagine Vegan Cafe is OPEN AGAIN! With New Items!

This post may only be of interest to local readers or those traveling to Memphis soon, but BIG NEWS in the Memphis vegan world — Imagine Vegan Cafe has re-opened after being closed for repairs for over a month.

The past few Imagine-less weeks have been tough! I've missed my vegan mozzarella sticks, vegan soft serve, dairy-free cheesecake, and vegan chicken and waffles dearly. Over a month ago, Imagine had to temporarily close while they dealt with some plumbing issues in their building. Repairs took much longer than expected, but they re-opened this past Monday with a few new menu items.

They've added a Vegan Shrimp Dinner, Vegan Shrimp Po'Boy, and Onion Petals to the menu. The faux shrimp dishes were on an older menu years ago, but they cycled off (much to my partner Paul's dismay — he loved the shrimp dinner!). The picture above is from a 2012 blog post here when shrimp was added to the menu the last time. You get 12 pieces and your choice of two sides. For me, that's typically the vegan mac and steamed broccoli with ranch for dipping.

They've also removed a few items, like the Eggplant Parm, Breakfast Burrito, Portabella Sandwich, Pigs & Blankets, and Green Beans. I'll be sad to see those items go (esp that burrito!!). 

I went to Imagine last night, and I fully intended to order the shrimp because I was excited it was back. But I ran six miles before dinner, and all that running had me craving serious carbs. I couldn't stop thinking about Imagine's homey Spaghetti Dinner, so I got that instead.

Imagine's vegan meaty marinara is slightly sweet, thanks to a touch of agave. In the South, we add sweetness to EVERYTHING. That's how I grew up eating, and that's what I prefer. There is no greater pasta sauce in Memphis than the meaty sauce at Imagine. 


Hillary said...

That spaghetti dinner looks so delicious! It made me feel sentimental, I always remember having spaghetti with a piece of garlic bread. Although I didn't grow up in the south, I remember my mom adding sugar to her sauce and that's what I do when I make my own.
I look forward to seeing all the Imagine Cafe meals again!!

Sarah said...

Oooh yum!!! That dinner looks so good. I'm all in for some onion petals! Those sound so good! It's so funny, I prefer a savory sauce and I can taste it right away when sugar is added. I remember the first time I tried sauce that had some sugar and I was so surprised! We all have our traditions :)