Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tofu, Many Ways

On Friday night, I drove to Jonesboro for my friend Nathan's birthday dinner at Tokyo House. It's an Asian fusion place that's best known for its buffet. But I've found that most buffets aren't so vegan-friendly. So I ordered off the menu while everyone else ate buffet plates. They didn't have many vegan options to choose from so I went with the House Tofu — a simple dish of fried tofu with veggies and brown sauce. It was okay. It was much better as leftovers when I add could some extra spices.

While I was in Jonesboro, I stopped by my parents' house. They were out of town, but my dad left me some treats — homemade wine, his vegan chex mix, his homemade salsa, and some smoked tofu! He marinated all of the tofu and then used BBQ dry rub of half of it. I had that BBQ tofu on a sandwich yesterday with red cabbage slaw and extra Trader Joe's Carolina Gold cue sauce.

I used some of the non-BBQ smoked tofu to make a Savory Oat Bowl with nooch and dukkah. The smoked tofu has a very bacon-y flavor, so it was perfect here.

Here's a random Sunday morning breakfast of Avocado Toast & Scrambled Vegan Egg.

I made the Lemony Steamed Kale with Olives from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook last week to eat as a side dish. But I had some leftover that I used as the foundation for a Kale Salad with lots of veggies, beans, and seeds. Very good!

And finally, we'll end with another Oatmeal Bowl (with berries, banana, and seeds). I love how this bowl has so much fruit that you can't even see the oats!


Jennifer said...

"homemade wine, his vegan chex mix, his homemade salsa, and some smoked tofu"
Can I be adopted? lol

Sarah said...

You seriously have the greatest parents! How freaking awesome! All of the tofu looks so good and your Sunday breakfast sounds perfect! I really need some warm oats in my life, it's freezing!

Amey said...

I love how your dad is such an enthusiastic supporter of your veganism. So sweet.

Unknown said...

Seriously your dad is rocking it out!! The bbq rub tofu sounds so good....
sounds like the bday dinner out wasn’t especially interesting, too bad since they could make so many great asian tofu dishes (but then again maybe they don’t have the audience)
So many good looking oats lately!

Susan said...

I love tofu in all the ways!
Your dad has mad skills.