Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Lunar New Year Eats

I LOVE a holiday. ANY HOLIDAY! Especially if it involves special foods. Yesterday, I celebrated the Year of the Pig with good luck foods.

For dinner, I whipped up a simple stir-fry with Korean rice cakes (for prosperity!), broccoli, squash, and mushrooms. I used gochujang, ginger, and soy sauce to season. I love, love, love these chewy little rice cakes, but I so often forget to cook with them. I keep a bag in my deep freezer at all times.

On the side, I steamed some Nasoya Thai-Basil Vegetable Dumplings (for success!). These pre-made dumplings are vegan and super-convenient. I also keep these stashed in the deep freezer.

I read that you're also supposed to eat oranges (for good health!) on the Lunar New Year. So my dessert was a naval orange and some orange dark chocolate from Wei Joyful (this amazing chocolate was in my February Goddess Provisions box). Btw, Maynard totally thought this orange was a ball! Silly dog. He was pretty disappointed when I ate it.


vegan peace said...

I love rice cakes too! I need to go to the Asian market to get more, I've gone through my whole stash! Your dinner looks amazing!
I have been eating oranges everyday to fend off the sickies so hopefully this will be a healthy year!
I love seeing maynard's sweet face!!

Sarah said...

I love how festive you are all the time!! These are some amazing Lunar New Year eats! The rice cakes look so good, I still need to cook mine up. It would have been the perfect time but I didn't even think about it! I am so sad I can't eat oranges anymore because they were one of my favorite fruits but I'll have to live vicariously through you.

I agree, I love Maynard's sweet face (and his name will always be my fav!!) <3

Unknown said...

Nice!! I actually made myself a CNY meal with dumplings too! And some sautéed baby bok choy, Szechuan smashed cucumbers and mandarin orange for dessert :))

Those korean rice cakes are SO good! I need to get back to H mart and replenish my stash.
I actually just learned this year that on new years day itself in china it’s traditional to eat vegetarian (mostly vegan) temple foods! Something about having a clean start, whereas the week before and especially new years eve is when they are making celebratory once a year dishes.

Jennifer said...

I think my favorite is when the rice cakes are tiny little balls. Mmm... I love making them in a thick gochujang sauce with some veggies, but mostly just the rice cakes lol