Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Avocado Oats + Cashew Cheese + Curry Soup

I've recently started having oatmeal for breakfast a few days a week, subbed out for my usual weekday smoothie. I still think smoothies are my fave, but oatmeal is a nice change sometimes. I used to be so into having different complicated breakfasts every day, but these days, I'm enjoying just alternating smoothies and oats on busy week days.

I typically have my oats with walnuts and berries since those are on the list of the seven foods you should eat every day. But some days, I'm craving something salty, like these Avocado Oats. It's a savory oat bowl with 2 Tbsp. nooch, a little garlic powder, and pink salt, topped with avocado slices and dukkah (an Egyptian sesame-flax seed spice that I found on clearance at Kroger!). Oh, and plenty of Yellowbird habanero sauce.

Here's a more standard Berry Almond Butter Oat Bowl with the most perfect little scoop of Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter (also scored on clearance!). I stirred a frozen berry medley into the oats as they cooked and sweetened with a little maple. Topped with banana and nut butter.

And more oats! This time with blueberries, banana, and Trader Joe's peanut butter with chia & flax. 

The Saturday before last, Don of Lulu's Food was selling his homemade Aged Cashew Cheddar at the Cooper-Young Farmer's Market. SOOOOO good. I enjoyed plates like this one with crackers and olives (and always with a big salad and a glass of wine on the side) many nights that week.

One night last week, I had a meeting in the building I work in, Crosstown Concourse, at 6 pm. That didn't leave much time for me to go home and fix dinner. So I stayed in the building and took a dinner break at the cafe at Crosstown Arts. Enjoyed a spicy, comforting bowl of Caribbean Pepper Pot Soup with Fresh Bread (the soup has sweet potato, peppers, and kale with a curry base).

And finally, here's a lovely bowl of Tofu Veggie Ramen (made with Koyo baked mushroom ramen) enjoyed on Saturday morning while I watched The Leftovers (season 3) on Netflix. I haven't had a Saturday where I didn't have to run, go to yoga, or the farmers market in so long. So I took advantage of ramen time in my PJs (my favorite weekend tradition).


vegan peace said...

The Caribbean hot pot soup sounds so incredible! I might try to make that myself!
Your little snacky dinner is right up my alley!!

Sarah said...

Omg yes!!! That berry almond butter oat bowl looks like absolute perfection! I definitely need some of that in my life. The ramen bowl is the exact warm and comforting meal i need in my life right now! Yum!

Susan said...

I need to make more savoury oats! It is still too hot here for hot breakfasts, but once it cools down a bit... if it ever does... savoury oats for winter!

S Happy said...

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