Thursday, November 29, 2018

Stuff I Ate

It's been SO LONG since I did one of these random meal wrap-ups (you know, since I've been blogging about Health Made Simple for 8 weeks!). But here's a round-up of what I've been eating over the past week since HMS ended.

We'll start with this healthy bowl of Steel Cut Oats, my breakfast on Saturday morning. With pecan-bourbon peanut butter and berries.

I've been eating lots of Big Ass Salads as meals lately. Here's one with a leftover dinner roll from Thanksgiving. I used a homemade tahini dressing.

Sunday's breakfast was Avocado Toast. Enjoyed before a hike with friends on Shelby Farms' Wolf River Trails.

On Monday night, Paul and I had a recipe from Health Made Simple — Stir-fry with Baked Tofu. It's super-simple. Just stir-fried veggies cooked without oil, a teriyaki sauce, and marinated, baked tofu, all served over brown rice. Forgot to take a pic Monday night, but here are my leftovers on Tuesday at lunch.

Here's another meal from Health Made Simple that I ate this week — Tempeh & Rice Gumbo. I had made a big batch of this during the meal plan and then froze some. Perfect, quick weekday lunch. This was loaded with tempeh bacon, rice, and veggies.

And now for some very sad news. Fuel Cafe is closing on Dec. 22. Fuel has had many menus/concepts over the years, but they've always been very vegan-friendly. Most recently, they switched to a pizza concept, and my friend Don is the pizza chef. He makes the best sourdough crust, homemade cashew cheese, and fun toppings like beet pepperoni and carrot ham. I'm gonna miss this place SO MUCH! We had Vegan Drinks there last Tuesday, and I tried the Vegan Mac & Cheese and Brussels with Shiitake Bacon. Both amazing!

Here's a happy hour snack from last night! Our Crosstown Running Crew met for our monthly fun run. I'm still nursing this stress fracture, but it's much better. I have a 5K this weekend that I plan to walk-run, so I was scared to push myself too hard in our fun run. I just did one mile (in a walk-run). Afterward, we always meet up at a Crosstown bar for drinks. This time, we picked Next Door, home of the world's best kale chips. I snacked on these and enjoyed a couple beers. Good times!

And finally, here's what I ate for lunch today! Bella Lugosi's Dead (BBQ Portabella Sandwich with vegan slaw on spent grain bread) with Home Fries. Sooooo good! I liked this balance of healthy and indulgent. Almost got the side salad instead of home fries and then thought better of it. I was craving potatoes. 

I'll be back early next week with a recap of race day!


Susan said...

Wait, a weekend with no ramen??!!??

I am sad to hear about Fuel. I always loved seeing the things you ate from there, they always looked so amazing. I hope that the chef will go on to do more awesome vegan things in another venture!

Unknown said...

How and where do I procure bourbon pecan peanut butter!?

Sarah said...

Oh wow!!! Yum!! Everything looks so freaking amazing… that mac n cheese looks so creamy and amazing and the portabello sandwich!!! That is definitely sad about Fuel, I know you loved that place so much. Have a great race!!

Bianca said...

Hey Unknown! I found it on clearance at Kroger. But I haven't seen it there again. It's a brand called Reginald's.

Ali said...

Thanks! We don’t have Kroger here in the NW but maybe I can do some digging. Sorry for coming across as “Unknown”, that was a computer glitch thing!

Unknown said...

I love these meal posts- so many great ideas here! That tempeh gumbo sounds like exactly what i want to eat on a cold day.
I make a lot of Big Ass Salads myself and have been so screwed up by the ongoing lettuce issues lately! I’m using shredded nappa cabbage lately and adding some roasted veggies and baked tempeh or tofu.
I’m sad to hear Fuel is closing, that’s disappointing. Hopefully you can follow the talented chef to find out where he lands next.