Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bom Bom Vegan Cream Liqueurs!!

I have died and gone to cocktail heaven, y'all! Before I went dairy-free, I was a big fan of Bailey's. I loved having a shot of that creamy liqueur in my coffee or as a shooter with a good stout beer. I went vegan at age 24, so I only had a few good drinking years before I had to give up cream liqueur for good (or so I thought!).

A couple years ago, Bailey's came out with an almond milk version, and I was so thrilled that I can enjoy creamy cocktails again. It's good! But after awhile, only having one cream liqueur option got a little boring. A girl needs variety! Enter BOM BOM Brands Nilli Vanilli and Fully Baked — two rum-based vegan cream liqueurs in unique flavors like vanilla wafer and chocolate chip cookie/brownie!!!

Nilli Vanilli is creamy almond milk liqueur that tastes like a blend of vanilla cookie flavors. And Fully Baked is like the cream liqueur version of Ben & Jerry's Fully Baked ice cream (WHAT?!) with a hemp milk base.

These sweet creamy concoctions are delicious on their own, sipped slowly from a rocks glass. But they're even better mixed into cocktails. I tried these a few ways, like this Spiked Hot Chocolate. I mixed 1.5 ounces of BOM BOM Fully Baked into a small glass of dark hot chocolate, topped with coconut whip. A perfect warm treat on a cold, cold night.

This weekend, as I put up my holiday tree and decor, I sipped on this Peppermint Martini (recipe on the BOM BOM website). It has vanilla peppermint vodka (that I infused myself last holiday season!) mixed with Nilli Vanilli. For the rim, I just happened to have some peppermint rimming sugar. The reason for the season!

My favorite cocktail so far was this Baked Apple Pie Cocktail, made with BOM BOM Fully Baked, apple whiskey, and cinnamon whiskey.

Here's the recipe:

4 parts BOM BOM Fully Baked Hemp Milk Liqueur
½ part apple whiskey
½ part cinnamon whiskey
Ground cinnamon

Shake Fully Baked and whiskeys with ice and pour in your favorite fall cocktail glass. Mason jars are always a nice seasonal touch.

To find out where to buy BOM BOM in your area, check out their retail guide. Memphis readers, I can affirm that Buster's definitely carries this (I've already bought some as birthday gifts!). 


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm the fully baked bottle lists itself as dairy free but not as vegan—and I’m their website they don’t list recipes with that in it as vegan. Are you sure it doesn’t have non dairy animal products?

Sarah said...

Oooooh that sounds so delicious!!! All of the possibilities with these liqueurs!!

vegan peace said...

Omg your peppermint martini looks so freaking gorgeous! I can almost taste it. That seems like the perfect drink to get in the holiday spirit!

Bianca said...

Hi Anonymous! Yes! It is vegan. That's was confirmed by the company before they mailed me bottles to review. Also gluten-free! Not sure why they don't say vegan on the Fully Baked bottle, but their website product info page describes Fully Baked as vegan.


Jennifer said...

Bummer I am reading this JUST NOW! My family is doing a boozey gift swap which is a little tricky since my father works at a wine store lol I bought a grapefruit liquer since it sounded like it would taste nice in champagne, but these would of been tons of fun. I guess I'll have to just get it for myself lol