Thursday, November 8, 2018

Health Made Simple, Days 37-38

Tuesday morning on Health Made Simple (the whole food, plant-based meal plan from No Meat Athlete) started as most mornings do — with a snack and a workout. I had these Medjool Dates dipped in Raw Walnut Butter before my bootcamp class.

And after class, I had some post-workout carbs — White Rice with Soy Sauce & Toasted Sesame Seed.

Breakfast was Sid's Kick-Ass Meal Shake (named for HMS co-organizer Sid Garza Hillman). This has banana, chia seed, hemp seed, and lots of powders. I didn't have all the powder add-ins called for, but I used the ones I did have (dulse, wheatgrass, greens powder, and maca).

Morning snack was Cut Veggies & Tahini Dressing (no pic). And then lunch was leftover Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta and Steamed Kale (also no pic but it looks the same as in my last post). I enjoyed my lunch during Church Health's Noontime Nibbles cooking demo series.

Church Health is located inside Crosstown Concourse (the building where I work), and they provide healthcare to the working insured. They have a new free weekly cooking series in their teaching kitchen, and the first one was vegan! I had to show my support! They made a sweet potato and black bean chili and mini pumpkin corn muffins. I had samples of each after I finished my lunch. So good. I'm definitely making these muffins for Thanksgiving.

Afternoon snack was fruit! My little selenite heart is photo-bombing. I always keep crystals on my desk at work.

Dinner was Cowboy Chili (made with blackeyed peas, kidney beans, collards, and hominy) over brown rice. The recipe suggested topping with cashew cheese, and I had some leftover butternut squash-cashew cheese from the pasta the night before. Yum!

The next day, Wednesday, started with an apple cinnamon date bar and a spinning class at the Y. Then I had more white rice. Breakfast was another raspberry-banana smoothie (no pic), and morning snack was fresh fruit. Oh, and I just happened to walk past Today & Always, our cafe at Crosstown Arts, and our baker had made Vegan Sunbutter & Jam Hand Pies! Not on the plan, but who cares? Had to try this. I split it with my co-worker Madelyn.

Lunch was leftover cowboy chili, and afternoon snack Crackers with Beet Hummus (topped with cukes and radishes).

For dinner, I used the last of last week's baked, oil-free falafel balls to make pita sandwiches (stuffed with beet hummus, tahini, lettuce, and tomato). Terrible photo, but I was hungry! And as you can see from the kitty nose on the right, Polaris was too (he's trying to steal my food!).


vegan peace said...

I've never had raw walnut butter but it sounds amazing!
I have a kitty that always has to smell my food and try to taste it too!

Unknown said...

Pumpkin corn muffins sound amazing! And that hand pie- wow. That definitely would have stopped me in my tracks! Your cracker snack is so pretty, i love those kind of woven wheat crackers- they were a favorite when i was a kid too

Susan said...

I am normally down to try any sort of silly sounding drink, though all those powders in that smoothie do give me pause. How was it? And what were the other powders in it?

Sarah said...

Oooh I love raw walnut butter on apples. It's so so good. That hand pie looks seriously incredible and I love the crystal photo bomb :)