Wednesday, November 7, 2018

JuungleFairie Teas!

My co-worker Kiia has an awesome side hustle. She makes and sells herbal teas, bath products, and — gasp!— yoni steam tables on her website, JuungleFairie. She brought a couple of her herbal tea blends to work last week and let me sample. And y'all, this is good tea! I'm really working on adding a daily tea practice to my life as part of my self-care journey, so this comes at a good time.

I tried Start Again — a blend of red clover, nettles, St. John's Wort, wood betony, and chamomile. A very relaxing blend! One of my other co-workers, Kyiah (yes, they almost have the same name!), swore this blend cured her cold when she drank it at the onset.

Kiia says this one is great for general restoration from fatigue, brain fog, and creative stagnation. A perfect blend for late in the afternoon work day!

I also tried The Fall in Love RX — a blend of nettles, ginger, rose, and St. John's Wort. The ginger flavor really shines here with a delicious hint of spice. My co-worker Kate said the tea smelled very feminine, thanks to the rose petals.

From the JuungleFaire website regarding Fall in Love:

The aroma alone has powerful effects on aiding the healing anxiety, depression, AND grief. Its promotes collagen production (strong hair and nails) and nourishes the GOOD bacteria in our gut.

JuungleFairie also sells herbal bath salts and yoni steam tables. Check out her website!


vegan peace said...

For years I drank coffee in the morning. So much coffee. When I cut that out and switched to tea it just felt better in every way. It just feels more soothing and loving. I will definitely check out the website. I want the tea for the brain fog!

Sarah said...

OMG how awesome! Winter is definitely tea season for me and I love finding new teas. I'll have to check out the website for sure, I am also interested in the brain fog tea!

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