Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stuff I Ate

More stuff I ate! We'll start with this amazing cupcake from Muddy's Bake Shop. Saturday was National Cupcake Day according to my Gone for a Run day calendar, so I had to treat myself to one. I stopped by Muddy's and grabbed this Vegan Cookies & Cream Cupcake, which I shared with Paul.

That same calendar also told me that last Thursday was National Margarita Day, so I picked up some tequila, Memphis-made Crazy Rita mixer (it's made with real sugar and no HFCS), and Crazy Rita Pink Salt (for the rims) on my way to my friend Shara's house for girl's night. Our friend Becca decorated some margarita glasses, and we each enjoyed a couple drinks while we watched episodes of American Horror Story.

Here's a plate of leftover Sausage & Cannellini Bean Jambalaya (from Fat Tuesday) and steamed Sweet Potatoes.

And here's a lunch from earlier this week — Amy's Gluten-free Bean & Rice Burrito topped with Beer Chili and Daiya. Plus, chips for dipping.

My current favorite pre-yoga or pre-workout snack — Whole Wheat Toast with Nut Butter & Jam. 

And finally, here's my dinner from Saturday night. Paul, Shara, and I had dinner at Crazy Noodle. I veered away from my usual order of Vegetable Ramen or Mandu Guk and opted for the Vegetarian Crazy Noodle, their signature noodle bowl. Rice noodles, tofu, shiitakes, veggie broth. Delicious and perfect for a rainy, lazy night.


Unknown said...

I missed national margarita day?!?? Very upsetting. Your version sounds fantastic and totally perfect for a girls night!
That’s a great idea to use the chili as a topping for that burrito- i always end up making a ton of chili and get kind of tired of it.
Great looking noodley soup dinner-looks like the perfect cold night meal

Sarah said...

So many delicious things! The calendar has been pointing you in a very delicious direction :) That cupcake looks seriously incredible and the noodle soup looks amazing. I've been loving noodle soups this winter! What kind of jam is that on your toast? It looks awesome!

vegan peace said...

I want everything! The cupcake looks amazing, I haven't ha a vegan cupcake in way too long! That noodle soup looks amazing too!

Jennifer Bliss said...

I'd try it all!!!! Yum!