Monday, February 26, 2018

Pizza Cult!

My friends Don and Kenzie (you've probably read about them on here in reference to Don's baking company, Lulu's Baked) host a weekly Sunday night pizza party called Pizza Cult. They invite over a few friends, who bring pizza toppings and whatever booze they're drinking.

And then Don works his magic in the kitchen and turns out pizza after pizza, using everyone's toppings (and his hand-crafted cashew cheese) to create mind-blowing flavor combos. It's a pretty sweet deal for everyone who gets to eat! Plus, Don gets to play around with ideas for his next venture as a pizza chef at Fuel Cafe. This vegan-friendly cafe has hired Don to craft a pizza menu and sling pies. They're currently closed while they work out the technical stuff with the pizza oven, but when they re-open, Fuel will be selling Don's amazing pizza!

Anyway, back to Pizza Cult. Don and Kenzie have been hosting this weekly party for months, and I keep meaning to go. But it's hard to get me out of the house on a Sunday night. I finally made it to Pizza Cult last night though! And it everything was just amazing! First, Don put out a basic Cashew Cheese Pizza using the same cheese he's been selling at the farmer's market. It's a buffalo-style mozz, and it's so good. I picked some up last weekend and will be making pizza at home with it this week.

That pizza was Paul's fave, but mine was this Italian Sausage and Potato Pizza. I brought the seitan Italian sausages (made using an Isa recipe for steamed sausages), and Jennifer and Simon brought the potatoes and white cheese sauce. I LOVE a white cheese sauce pizza, and I LOVE potatoes on pizza.

My third fave was the White Sweet Potato & Carrot Bacon. Don makes this carrot bacon every Saturday to stuff into his cashew cheddar and carrot bacon buns. It's so good. So, so good.

This Blackeyed Pea Sausage & Mushroom Pizza was pretty fire too. I'm learning to like arugula on a pizza, but as I've mentioned before, it's my least fave green. It's so pretty though! It was actually really good here, contrasted with the mushroom sauce and blackeyed pea sausage crumbles.

And finally, there was a Chickpea Tofu & Cashew Cheese Pizza that was delicious! I had this slice just as we were leaving, and I was super-full, but I had to try it. Love me some chickpea tofu!

Don also had some Baguette with Beet Tahini Sauce out for snackin'. Very good!

Here's Don doing his pizza thing in the kitchen.

And here's Kenzie (bottom right) and friends in the kitchen.

On the other side, their 9-year-old neighbor Tim played cards with Megan.

As if pizza and friend time weren't enough, there was also lots of dog love! Here's Lulu, the sweetest little pup with the cutest little underbite.

And Morty! Morty is their new rescue, and he's already been attacked by the cats. So he has to wear this cone while his injured leg heals.

Morty is very sweet, but he still does some bad things, like chewing on things that aren't dog toys. Like this cat tree. Ha!


Sarah said...

What a fun night and amazing looking pizzas!! They all sound so good, I don't know how I'd choose! Sweet fur babies too! Poor Morty, I hope he gets well soon!

Things2eat said...

Poor Morty!

Unknown said...

That sounds like the most amazing way to spend a Sunday night! Those pizzas are so creative and they all look incredible- I can’t believe they were made in a regular oven. I’m so used to thin crust in nyc but really i do like a thicker crust like what he made here too.

Morty cracks me up- our old neighbors had a chocolate lab who would chew on absolutely everything too! I hope he heals quickly

Susan said...

This sounds like a magical pizza heaven experience!

Jennifer Bliss said...

OMG! Awesome Pizzas! I want!!!

Kristin said...

those pizzas look amazing! i feel you though - it's also hard for me to leave the house on Sunday nights, (or most nights, hah!). pizza is always a good reason though ;)

Jennifer said...

Mmm...! These pizzas look super tasty! I wish I was having some tonight.... maybe I will. lol