Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Eats!

Happy Valentine's Day! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm ALL ABOUT a holiday, and V-Day is no exception. I love to theme my foods and my clothes around every major and minor holiday! So yes, I wore a heart sweater, heart earrings, and my Joyful Vegan heart necklace to work. And I started my day with chocolate! I had a Nature's Bakery Double Chocolate Brownie Bar before my 5-mile run this morning.

And then I treated myself to a post-run Strawberry Cacao Chip Protein Smoothie with fresh berries, frozen banana, cashew milk, chocolate fudge protein powder, and cacao nibs (pulsed into little teensy chips).

I always give the pets their treats while I'm making my morning coffee. They've now come to associate the sound of the tea kettle, as its boiling water for my French press, with treat time. I stopped by Hollywood Feed's dog bakery a couple days ago and picked up Valentine's for Maynard (pumpkin cream cheese hearts and a carob whoopie pie). The cats — seen here creeping in the background — got some new treats too.

I met a former co-worker for coffee at French Truck in Concourse before heading up to the office. Ordered a Cappuccino with Coconut-Almond Milk. The latte art wasn't quite a heart, but I think it's close, right? No?

Lunch was leftover Andouille & Cannellini Bean Jambalaya from Fat Tuesday. But for my side salad, I attempted to cut my radishes and carrots into little hearts. Didn't do the best job, but not bad for a rushed work-day lunch.

In the afternoon, I had one of these adorable Valentine's Day cookies from Kind Confections, the vegan baking company in my hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. My mom ordered me a dozen of these as my Valentine present! Katie at Kind Creations makes the BEST iced shortbread cookies ever.

Right after work, I stopped by Crosstown Brewing Co. for its soft opening. I met my friend Cassi there, and we enjoyed some beers. I had the Traffic IPA, one of CBC's two flagship beers, but I forgot to take a pic.

Paul wasn't feeling great today (sickness has been floating around his office), so he didn't feel like going out for dinner. Instead, I grabbed some takeout from our fave noodle joint, Crazy Noodle. It's been way too long since I've eaten there, so I got my go-to ramen bowl, the Tofu Ramen. Excellent rainy Valentine's comfort food.

Hope y'all had an excellent Valentine's Day too!


vegan peace said...

I always love seeing your fur babies! Ramen sounds like a wonderful Valentine's dinner! I hope Paul feels better!

Sarah said...

Awww the fur babies! Looks like you had some amazing and festive meals! I have been craving Ramen like crazy. I think I need to get on that. Those cookies are so pretty!!

Susan said...

Those cookies look super cute!

Unknown said...

Those radishes and carrots totally look like hearts! The latte..... not so much. Delicious day you had here. Hopefully both you and Paul stay healthy!

Jennifer said...

You need to buy those heart shaped veggie "cookie-cutters" that they sell to make bento boxes. I mean it is super important for the kitchen right?

Jennifer said...

BTW- if you check out Amazon by typing in "vegetable cutter shapes" you get so many more options including bunnies (easter) and stars (4th of July) Am I selling it or what? I just love looking at cute stuff but too lazy to do it myself XD