Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Been awhile since I've done a Stuff I Ate post, and well, I've been eating a lot of stuff. So I'll share a few random meal pics tonight and a few more tomorrow night.

Yesterday was Pi Day, and I may have blogged about burgers that day. But don't worry — I ate my share of pie. I started yesterday morning with a Pizza Pi Protein Waffle — Fitquick pizza waffle topped with marinara, Daiya mozzarella, and olives. 22 grams of protein. Gluten-free.

I had that Beyond Burger for lunch, and I was planning to have a healthy bowl for dinner and maybe a slice of raw vegan pie for dessert. But the best laid plans, am I right? Just before work ended, I saw that Imagine Vegan Cafe had tweeted a picture of a Macaroni & Cheese Pizza they'd made to sell for pizza-by-the-slice! WHAT?! The slice special changes daily, and I knew I might never be able to get this again. Also, it's pie. So yea, that happened. Creamy, cheesy macaroni covered in even more vegan cheese (two kinds!) and bacon bits. YES!!!

Oh, but I didn't stop there. No ma'am. When I dropped by to pick up slices to go, I noticed they also had an Imagine Pie (chocolate-pecan-coconut, it's their signature pie) on the bakery counter. So I got a slice. Because it's pie. Heated this up in the microwave at home for 10 seconds and topped with CocoWhip. Chocolatey, nutty, coconut goodness.

I've basically just been eating junk food every day lately. On Sunday, Paul and I went to brunch at Imagine, and I got the Memphis Slam (half order) with a biscuit, gravy, tofu scramble, veggie sausage, and vegan cheese. I ordered a side of spinach and steamed broccoli for good measure.

And then after brunch, we decided to do the Memphis brewery tour and have a beer at all the local breweries. There are four right now (but more breweries on the way!!), but sadly Wiseacre Brewing is closed on Sundays, so we only made it to three — Memphis Made Brewing, High Cotton Brewing, and Ghost River Brewing. By the time we made it to Ghost River, I was hungry for dinner, and luckily, there was a vegan-friendly food truck outside — Eddy's Pepper! I got the Black Bean & Veggie Tacos with Spanish Rice and Black Bean Dip & Chips. Enjoyed with a Ghost River Hooligan London Pale Ale.

So actually, that last meal wasn't too indulgent. But you know, combine that with four beers.

I had some fun with Paul's brunch leftovers on Monday. He'd ordered way too much food at Imagine and had half his Biscuits & Gravy left. So I topped that with some portabella mushrooms and steamed some kale and had this for lunch. So good!

On Monday night, I had a giant platter of Lemongrass Tofu from Phuong Long with spring rolls and white rice. Not super junky, but you know, fried tofu. And very little veggies.

Okay, more tomorrow! I promise to have a few healthier pics.


vegan peace said...

I have serious, serious food envy!! Everything looks beyond amazing. I haven't had lemongrass tofu in forever, and I am seriously dying for some.
Pizza waffles seriously need to be a thing. I never want sweets for breakfast, and so a savory waffle is right up my alley!

Sarah said...

I am with Vegan Peace, I am having major envy over here as well! You were certainly festive for Pi Day and the Memphis Slam thing looks amazing!!! That is an ideal meal for me, I definitely would love to have some of that in my life.

Susan said...

I love mac and cheese pizza, two of my favourite foods combined!
All your food looks really great. said...

Mac and cheese pizza by the slice is basically the dream!!