Monday, March 13, 2017

Mermaid Magic Box from Goddess Provisions!

It’s Goddess Provisions unboxing time again! I subscribe to the monthly Goddess Provisions box, which is filled with crystals, candles, teas, vegan snacks, oils, and other goodies. And each month, I dedicate one post to that month’s box. The March box was themed “Mermaid Magic,” so of course I had to photograph its contents next to the awesome mermaid pillow that Sheridan and Drew gave me for Christmas.

Inside, there was a crystal-filled sea candle by Cottage Wicks, a Moon Magic ocean mask and toner, a seashell iron-on patch, an abalone shell smudge kit, a Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream bar, and a ruby in fuchsite crystal.

The seashell patch is totally adorable! This is the second iron-on I've received in a Goddess Provisions box, but I don't yet own anything I can iron patches onto. Must get a jean jacket!

I really love the smudge kit. I often burn sage in my home to clear out negativity and encourage positive vibes, but I only have the sage sticks. For some reason, I've never purchased an abalone shell, and now I have one!

I also love the ruby in fuchsite. These crystal combos are always fun. The ruby is to remind us of our individuality, and the fuchsite demonstrates how we're part of a greater whole. 

The mask is a powdered clay mask that you add water to and create a paste. I've been using this each morning while I dry my hair. Then, once it's dry, I rinse and follow up with the toner, which has an ocean-fresh scent. Then I follow with coconut oil for moisture.

The sea candle is filled with pretty blue crystals (not sure what they are!) and blue sea glass, so I've been burning it daily to eventually liberate them for my crystal collection. Sadly, this candle doesn't really have a scent. I wish it did!

I snacked on half of the Spirulina Dream bar at my desk this morning. I've had these Raw Revolution bars before, and they're always great. They're raw fruit and nut bars with cashews, dates, almonds, agave, and in this case, spirulina. It had a nice, sweet, date flavor without being overwhelmed by the seaweediness of spirulina.

If you're interested in subscribing to Goddess Provisions (or just checking out a single box!), here's the link. The boxes are $33 a month and totally worth it! I look so forward to my box every month.


vegan peace said...

I love your mermaid pillow, it's gorgeous! The iron on patch is awesome too. Actually everything you got is amazing!

Blake Fraina said...

OMG - Cottage Wicks! They're a lovely couple from Connecticut (where I live) who I met at a Horror Film Convention in Danbury two years ago. Their products are amazing and Jess and Abe are both very mild-mannered and sweet. They used to bill themselves as "The Witch and the Woodsman." I think maybe they dropped the "witch" part for fear of scaring off potential buyers. Pity.

I really love that candle.

Sarah said...

This might be my favorite box yet! I love mermaid everything and the contents of this box are gorgeous! I love that crystal and the candle is perfect! I love it so much! Did they say in the box where you can purchase one?

Helena Alexis said...

Hey, just wanted to point out that using the term "smudging" is considered cultural appropriation by a bunch of people, and there are a bunch of terms (cleansing, smoking, reekeing etc etc) that pagans use that aren't (implicitly or explicitly) connected to native american cultures (and thus will be less like to be offensive).