Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Stuff I Ate

I'm back with more random meals! But first, I have a couple of announcements. For one, I have to say that I'm super stoked to be featured on my blogger bud Kayle Martin's Collards & Cowgirls blog today! Check out her post where I shared my going-vegan story, my favorite foods and hobbies, and some Vegan Crunk blog history.

And, for Memphis vegans (or anyone visiting here soon!), note that Mama Gaia — an all-organic vegetarian restaurant — is opening Saturday, March 23rd, inside Crosstown Concourse! This is my future office building (moving in when our Crosstown Arts spaces are ready!), and it's in my neighborhood, so I'm pretty darn excited. I'll be doing a full Mama Gaia preview post next week!

Okay, now here's a snapshot of how I've been eating over the past few weeks. Yesterday's post was devoted to all of the junky things, and tonight, I've got some healthier meals (and a few more junky things because — well, that's just how I'm living my life these days).

We'll start with one of my favorite new junk food finds — the Ben &Jerry's vegan Cherry Garcia ice cream, which I finally found here at the Ben & Jerry's store. The other new vegan flavors were sold out though. This ice cream is sooooo good. Even better topped with So Delicious CocoWhip and Hershey's chocolate syrup (yes, it's vegan).

And another decadent meal — Vegan Turkey Cutlets with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Broccoli & Cheeze, and Seasoned Collard Greens from Imagine Vegan Cafe. Love this meal because most entree plates there come with two sides, but since the turkey comes served atop mashed potatoes, you basically get a bonus veggie.

More gravy! The bitches and I had brunch at our friends Nigel and Andrea's house a few weeks back. They have a secret brunch club in their home, and the food is always amazing. I had the Roast & Gravy Sandwich with Roasted Potatoes. They use Field Roast slices, and they're wonderfully seasoned and then sauteed (way better than I could ever do Field Roast at home).

Hey look — a Ramen Bowl! Rice noodles, baked tofu, mushrooms, frozen veggies. Enjoyed in my PJs last Saturday morning while watching Homeland.

Okay, I promised some healthy things! Susan gave me some of the locally made Guilt-Free Pastries Vegan Granola she bought last week. It's mostly chopped nuts, but they're seasoned really well. LOVE this stuff. Enjoyed here atop Forager Vanilla Bean Cashewgurt with Strawberries.

And here atop Kite Hill Plain Almondmilk Yogurt with Apples and Raspberries.

This morning, I ran a couple easy miles, and I followed that with 12 grams of plant-based protein in this REBBL Cold-Brew Coconutmilk & Super Herbs. Man, this stuff is SO GOOD. REBBL is by-far my fave protein milk company. We don't have all of the flavors available in Memphis, but my hometown — Jonesboro — stocks them in their health food store (The Truck Patch).

My co-worker Emily gave me some leftover spreads from a mezze platter she ordered from Casablanca. I used hummus, baba ganoush, and tabbouleh on this Mediterranean Toast — a pre-yoga snack yesterday.

And I also used the spreads to make yesterday's lunch — a Falafel Chickpea Bowl (base of wilted baby spinach, toasted quinoa, tomato, air-fried chickpeas, tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush, and ajvar — that's a roasted eggplant/pepper dip).

I've been doing the bowl thing for the past couple days to balance out all that junk I've been eating. Today's lunch was another bowl — leftover Smoked Basmati Pilaf, Steamed Broccoli, Baked Tofu, Ajvar, and Tahini. YUM!

Earlier this evening, I did the Breakaway Running St. Pat's Pub Run again! We ran from bar to bar and drank at each one. Yay! And I've got a full line-up of awesome St. Pat's eats ready for Friday. I'll check back in on Sunday with a St. Pat's recap.


vegan peace said...

It all looks so delicious, but the me Mediterranean toast really stood up and called my name! And the chickpea bowl, oh my!
I have been dying to find the new Ben & Jerry's flavors, but so far no luck. I need it in my life!!

Sarah said...

Your meals always look so delicious! I tried the new Cherry Garcia too and I LOVE it! I've found that the newer flavors and less sweet than the originals and I love that because I found those to be overly sweet. Your ramen bowls always make me crave ramen! Any time I get into a ramen kick it's almost guaranteed that it was inspired by you :) How exciting about the new restaurant opening near you too!

Jennifer Bliss said...

Everything looks AMAZING and I want to come over and EAT it ALL....hahahaha!
Congrats on being featured! I will hop on over and take a look-see!

Kevin Talmadge said...

Hey! Great blog...about the Hershey's syrup? They use cocoa picked by child slaves, and it's easy to avoid that by looking for FAIR TRADE cocoa!

Susan said...

I really hope we get the Cherry Garcia ice cream here. We have the original four flavours, though supply is erratic because they have to import it in a round about way. But one day!
That Imagine Diner meal looks so delicious. Don't care that it is summer here, I want gravy and mash!