Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vegan Mofo: Something Blue

Today, we're supposed to blog about something blue for Vegan Mofo. I've been seeing lots of blueberries on the blogs today, and Amey from Vegan Eats & Treats posted about her blue hair!!!

Well, I was totally stumped by this one. I recently made a blue potato salad using those purplish-blue potatoes for a Blue Moon party. But the picture was crappy (and I've already blogged about that salad). But as I was planning for the first two weeks of Mofo, I remembered that 901 Day was coming up in Memphis.

901 Day is a sort of  an unofficial "celebrate Memphis" holiday on September 1st. 901 is our area code here. And Memphians LOVE blue because it's the color of our Memphis Grizzlies and our University of Memphis Tigers. Cassi has a Bluff City Blueberry Cupcake that she sells at the Pink Diva Cupcakery, and I just knew she'd have them on 901 day! I was right!

Okay, the blueberry drizzle looks more purple than blue, but that's because it's made with real blueberries, which aren't really all that blue. But this vanilla cupcake is stuffed with fresh blueberry puree. And it looks blue!

Loved this cupcake (and all of Cassi's cupcakes). Now I have two friends who are professional vegan bakers — Cassi with Pink Diva and Stephanie with Imagine Vegan Cafe. So I can pretty much get any amazing vegan dessert — cupcakes, cookies, pies, petit fours, brownies, cinnamon rolls — I want any time. Pink Diva just so happens to be less than five minutes from my downtown office, perfect for whenever I need a cupcake break. And she serves hot, hearty lunches, too. In fact, I'm going there tomorrow for Vegan Fish Friday!


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Sal on Toast said...

That looks like a seriously awesome cupcake and I'm pretty jealous of it! :)

Susan said...

That cupcake looks so great, love the blue blueberries on the inside.