Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vegan Mofo: Kitchen Tour

Day after day, I share pictures of meals created in my kitchen. But now I'm taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the space in which I create those meals. My kitchen is like my second office. When I get off of work, I immediately get in the kitchen to fix dinner. I eat in the kitchen, and then I usually start working on prep for the next day's meals. This is the place where I spend the majority of my time at home.

Here's my stove and microwave. My oven crapped out awhile back, and I went a couple months without using an oven. But Paul, who is so not mechanically inclined, actually fixed it! That little gnome sitting on the stovetop is my Crunk Gnome. He has a gold chain and a gold tooth, and he's basically the patron saint of my kitchen.

I plan out my meals by the week using this magnetic meal planner on my microwave. As you can see, today I had fried rice for lunch and dinner. No shame.

On the left side of my stove, I have a candy jar, rainbow bowls and mugs, a cookbook holder, a carrot peeler, and my utensil jar. I've been making my own green cleaners today, so my favorite new zine — Make Your Place — is on the cookbook holder.

That candy jar was a gift from my friend Stephanie. She made it! It says "Vegan As Fuck." I keep my suckers in there.

I keep my Uni-Corn holders and my unicorn wine opener in the bowls because they match.

On the right side of the stove, I have my flour jar, my Turkish coffee jar (I keep the regular coffee in a cabinet and the cardamom-spiced Turkish stuff in this small mushroom jar), a really cool plate with a recipe for Pizza Bianca (a gift from my parents), my squirrel salt and pepper shakers, my nooch jar, and my Turkish coffee cups.

Here's a close-up of my nooch jar! I ordered it from Jeanette Zeis' Etsy shop. It's one of my most prized possessions. You can order one here. Her new ones actually say "Nooch" instead of "Nutritional Yeast."

Here's my fridge. It's stainless steel, so you can't stick magnets on it, and that drives me crazy. I can only put them on the side. :-( Tacked to the wall there is the Vegan Mofo prompt list. 

On the other side of the kitchen, I have my Breville Juice Fountain, my whole wheat pastry flour, sugar, and green tea canisters, my food processor, our retro cracker tin where we keep medicine, and my Vitamix. God, I LOVE my Vitamix. I use it nearly every day.

And to the right of my sink is my Hello Kitty toaster (it actually burns an image of Hello Kitty onto the toast!), my tea maker, and my KitchenAid stand mixer.

And here's my breakfast nook, right off the kitchen. This is where I usually eat my meals since I typically eat alone. Paul eats in the living room in front of the TV, but I like to read while I eat. I have a bigger dining table, but I save that for special occasions. My pantry is opposite the breakfast table. I'd show you inside my pantry, but it's a mess right now.

And finally, a tour of my kitchen wouldn't be complete without introducing you to my kitchen cat, Seymour. He actually lives above my kitchen cabinets. He never comes down. He eats there. He sleeps there. He even poops up there. When I realized he wasn't coming down anymore, I had to give him a litter box. It sounds gross, but with only one cat using the box, it doesn't smell too bad. And I scoop daily. The rest of my cats live all over the house, like normal cats. But Seymour is a weirdo. He's super shy and skittish, and he hates the dogs, the other cats, and most people (except for me and Paul).


Susan said...

Hi Seymour!
I love your Hello Kitty toaster!

Babette said...

You lived without an over for a few months!!!

I love your carrot peeler! And I should really get one of those magnetic meal planners.

Has Seymour been living up there for a long time?

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Bianca, I LOVE your kitchen! Awesome style and space. Oh and I too love Jeanette Zeis' Etsy shop :)

Veganopoulous said...

ooooh so much lovely stuff, love the nooch jar!

KathyD said...

I think it is cool the way that you plan all of your meals and head into the kithcen each evening not only to fix dinner, but also to prep for the next day. Thank you so much for this post.

Seymour must be a sweetie. Maybe he will come down one day.

Julie said...

How did you go a couple months without your oven? I went a few days without mine and was feeling so antsy, lol! Seymour is such a cutie; it sounds like he feels nice and safe up in his kitchen lair. :)

Jennifer said...

OMG! I collect Unicorns...have over 500 of them...don;t have those tho! LOVE them! Nice! Also...thanks for the link on your sidebar!

Anonymous said...

I remember your tour last year, cool to see it again, lucky to have a big open kitchen. The meal plan calendar is a great idea, and your kitchen gnome, we all need patron saints in the kitchen! I've never seen a tea brewer like that and Seymour is still happy/living up there, he's like out of a faery tale -Seymour The Cupboard Cat :)

Anonymous said...

I love the stuff you have in your kitchen, especially the nutritional yeast pot! I have that Hello Kitty toaster! I don't use it often right now because my parents have a toaster oven and it would make things more cluttered/is kinda redundant, but I will definitely use it when I no longer live with them.

Rose said...

OmG Seymour the kitchen cat! What a darling!

I love all your gadgets...especially the Hello Kitty Toaster.

Joann Lakes said...

I just love Seymour! Who ever heard of a cupboard cat! I heard you say that Paul isn't exactly handy but your refrigerator/freezer doors look like they can have the handles and hinges switched so your doors would open from right to left giving you much easier access to your food and supplies. My girlfriend lived with her frig opening the wrong way for years until one day my husband stopped by to pick my up after lunch, noticed the issue and told her he could fix it. Ten minutes later, easy access to the Silk!

Sal on Toast said...

I love your kitchen, it's fab. I really miss having my own kitchen (we're saving up to get our own place at the moment!) that I can decorate the way I want.

Seymour is so cute too! :)