Monday, September 14, 2015

Vegan Mofo: Share Something Vegan with a Non-Vegan

For today's post, Mofo-ers are supposed to share something vegan (and delicious) with a non-vegan. Well, this is pretty easy because I live with a non-vegan. My partner Paul is an omnivore through and through. I've tried for 11 years to break him of his cruel meat habit to no avail.

But he's always making baby steps. Over the years, he's learned to love some vegan foods. Today, we went out to sample some new, homemade vegan ice cream at our neighborhood bar, Midtown Crossing Grill.

That's Paul sampling the vanilla. Midtown Crossing's owner Octavia is making the coconut-based ice cream from scratch, and she'll soon begin serving it with sundaes. The vegan vanilla ice cream will be served with cobbler, and the chocolate will be paired with a vegan cookie. We were just doing a little quality control testing. And since Paul still eats dairy ice cream, he made a good tester. It's been so long since I've had dairy ice cream, I don't remember much about it. I do know that this homemade ice cream is delicious though!

Paul and I don't actually eat together since we're on different schedules, and Paul isn't really a fan of home-cooked meals. He prefers his food from a box or a bag — ravioli in a can, chicken noodle soup, frozen burritos, Stovetop stuffing. It's awful, but it's what he likes. He has developed a few healthy habits. He now prefers cashew milk over dairy milk.

Don't worry. We each have our own carton. Both of us like the Silk Unsweetened Cashew Milk the best! So I write Paul's name on his, so we don't get them mixed up. He tears through a carton in a couple of days, and mine can last almost 2 weeks if I don't share.

Paul also loves black bean burgers. We went camping at Reel Foot Lake with some friends recently, and I brought some Gardein Chipotle Black Bean Burgers for the grill. My friend Nico and I ate one burger each (that's mine with tomato and avocado in the pic). But Paul made a double patty with the other two!

And yesterday, we split two vegan doughnuts from Imagine Vegan Cafe. We each had half a vanilla and half a chocolate doughnut. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Your talk at VVC on co-habiting with a non-vegan was one of the talks I wish I could have gone to if was there, even though I live with a vegan. I would have loved to hear your thoughts and the discussion on it. Quality control ice cream tasting! Tough job!

Dana said...

Josh loves vegan ice cream! He is pretty spoiled at all the vegan goodies I make him. I'm thankful that he's a healthy eater, and while he makes some non-vegan stuff for himself, he still eats a lot of what I cook. He's a big fan of raw treats, especially if they have dates in them!

I don't think I could get him to drink cashew milk, but he doesn't drink regular milk either.


Amey said...

ha ha, the joys of living with a non-vegan. I love the picture of him drinking his milk from a carton!! Musty is actually much more vegan-available than Paul is, it sounds like. Our deal is that he goes out for lunch and gets himself whatever he wants... and then we eat a yummy vegan dinner together. I'm really impressed that you do as much cooking as you do considering that you're cooking for yourself. When Musty goes away or has other plans, I lower my culinary standards quickly and drastically. ha ha.

Susan said...

The man loves his cashew milk. :)