Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Moo Crisps

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm trying to squeeze in all my ice cream posts before summer's end in a few days. But as I said in Monday's Tofutti ice cream post, ice cream should really be for all seasons. But when fall comes around, food blogs are supposed to be all pumpkin, pumpkin, squash, pumpkin! So I'll conform, just this one time.

But it's still summer for now! It was at least 90 degrees in Memphis today. Not very almost fall-like and thus perfect for a cool bowl of (sorta melty cause I like it that way) ice cream.

That there is Coconut Bliss Maca Chocolate Ice Cream. Tasty stuff. But this post isn't actually about coconut cream. It's about those crispy waffle bits on top. They're called No Moo Crisps, and I was sent a few packages to review. Basically, they're lightly sweetened, crisp waffle cone bits. Tasty on their own or atop another dessert, like ice cream.

Problem is, my No Moo Crisp samples were all broken to bits when they arrived (thanks a lot, US Postal Service!). The fine folks who make No Moo Crisps packaged them alright with padding and such, but the postman must have squished the entire box because the outside packaging was all dented in. Maybe he was having a bad day and took it out on my package.

But I digress. The crisps, despite being broken, were just right for topping ice cream. But here's what they look like when the postman doesn't stomp on your box.

This fine picture is borrowed from the No Moo Crisps website, and these are Hot Chocolate Covered Crisps. They come in a variety of flavors — plain, hot chocolate, peppermint chocolate, chocolate chips, and cinnamon kiss. The samples they sent included some chocolate-dipped crisps, and of course, those were my very fave.

Anyway, this is a small vegan company, so check them out! End of summer, be damned. I'm sure the cinnamon ones would be delightful topper for a pumpkin mousse.


Sal said...

ah man how annoying to order food and the postie squishes it to pieces! I'm glad they were still tasty though.

Abby Bean said...

Ah, broken crisps are better than no crisps at all. Great idea to use them as an ice cream topping.

foodfeud said...

Haha, aw, sad about the breakage. when my brother was a kid he wouldn't even eat a cookie if it were broken! Glad you didn't just let them go to waste and glad it's still ice cream weather for you!

dreaminitvegan said...

Those waffle crisps look so good! Trader Joe's actually has a really good coconut ice cream, strawberry and chocolate.

Catherine said...

Yum - I love crunchy and chocolate together -