Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thrive Forward Weekend Recap (Days 16, 17, and 18)

Wow. This cleanse is really flying by! Only one more weekend left after this one. I've decided to take the cleanse to 28 days instead of 30, because that's an even four weeks. Anyway, here's what I ate this weekend.

I started Friday morning with a Mango Coconut Energy Bar, a weight training session, and a breakfast of Garlic Oregano Yam Oven Fries. But you've already seen all those pictures. Before lunch, I snacked on some Sunridge Trail Mix (peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried apples, raisins, and dates) and an orange:

Lunch was more South of the Border Coleslaw. I had a Sweet Green Smoothie from Thrive for an afternoon snack (romaine, dates, honeydew, hemp protein, and flax seed):

I was still hungry after my smoothie, and there were hours until dinner. So I snacked on some Skinny Crisps Cinnamon Crisps that I keep at my desk. They're gluten-free crackers made from chickpea flour and almond meal. There's a tad bit of evaporated cane juice in them, which isn't really allowed on my cleanse. But that's okay.

Dinner on Friday was a MASSIVE plate of Spaghetti Squash with Three-Step Marinara and Parmela Topping from Thrive Foods:

Can you believe that giant pound of "noodles" was less than 200 calories? And that's with the homemade marinara sauce! Spaghetti squash is so awesome.

Late Friday night, I snacked on the last of my Mock "Chicken" Salad (from Balewa's) with Sprouted Grain Toast while we watched The Words (with Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons).

I started Saturday morning with a Buckwheat Banana Pancake (I made four pancakes last weekend and froze them for future Saturday mornings). The pancake is a more substantial pre-run snack for my 10K Saturdays. Anyway, I ran six miles, had some coconut water, and then enjoyed an Apple Cinnamon Vega Smoothie.

For lunch, our local vegetarian group was having its monthly meeting at Balewa's Vegan Gourmet, the raw food joint across from my house. I walked over and had this spicy bowl of raw Cream of Broccoli Soup:

And I also ordered the Quinoa Chili with Chips (they're Garden of Eatin' blue corn tortilla chips). This really hit the spot. Probably my favorite dish at Balewa's yet:

Later on Saturday, I hosted my friend Greg's birthday party at my house. I wanted to keep the party as cleanse-friendly as possible, so went with a "build-your-own" sushi bar. I made a ton of brown rice and white sushi rice (not for me ... I had to eat the brown rice for my cleanse). I chopped up some baked tofu, bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, and green onions. I laid out nori sheets and sushi mats and everyone rolled their own. Here's mine!

No sushi party is complete with Inari Sushi! These are little fried tofu pockets stuffed with rice. I filled some with brown and some with white. Now, technically, I'm avoiding fried foods on the cleanse. But I figured a few bites wouldn't hurt. I also had a few glasses of organic, vegan Orleans Hill Winery Cote Zero.

On Sunday, I didn't have much of anything new. More Buckwheat Soba Sesame Miso Ramen for breakfast, the last of my South of the Border Coleslaw for lunch, a Sweet Green Smoothie for a snack, and leftover Brown Rice Sushi for dinner.


Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash said...

What a clever way to entertain guests and stay cleanse friendly! I bet everyone loved their sushi! I still haven't mastered that art yet, but the pictures make me want to try again.

Caitlin said...

i love that you had a build your own sushi party! you are so creative!

Allysia said...

I love reading your Thrive posts - it definitely helps pump me up to eat healthier. And to buy a spaghetti squash, damn those things are good. Make-your-own sushi sounds like such a great idea for a food party, I'll have to keep that in mind.

Jennifer said...

LOVE that glass! And the food looks AWESOME as always!

Jenny Bradley said...

Ooooh! I love those Skinny Crisps! What did you think of the The Words? I just saw it myself - it was alright. I liked everyone in it.

Anyway - way to make cleansing look like fun! That sushi looks delicious.

Lorena Domínguez said...

Me han gustado mucho las recetas que he visto en el blog, así que me quedo por aquí que tiene muy buena pinta todo =)
Un saludo desde Sevilla y go vegan!

Stephi said...

I love spaghetti squash! It's so nice roasted... And those blue corn chips look interesing! You eat so healthy!

Kendy P said...

your skull cup is rad! i love inari! now i want some!

Erin said...

I've been really enjoying reading along with your cleanse foods! I like the idea of doing 10K Saturdays...I'm not going to be on a training plan for a while, so I might incorporate it myself. Like the pancakes for pre-run fuel too!