Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bluff City Vegan Eats: R.P. Tracks

Memphis is barbecue city. In about two weeks, we'll play host to the annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking Festival, a giant meat-fest that draws competitors from around the world. Our pulled pork and barbecue ribs are said to be the best in the country. I wouldn't know. I've never tasted a bite of my city's beloved meat barbecue. I mean, I had barbecue as a kid back home in Arkansas, but I've never tried the 'cue here.

Unless you count the to-die-for Vegan BBQ Tofu Nachos at R.P. Tracks:

This college bar & grill serves tangy fried cubes of bbq tofu several ways — in nachos, in burritos, and in sandwich form (if you order the sandwich, be sure ask them to leave off the coleslaw). I always order my nachos with the chips on the side (that's how they're pictured here ... I just stuck a few chips in so y'all can see they're nachos).

The vegan nachos come topped with bbq tofu, black beans, lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos. They used to serve guacamole, but unfortunately, they stopped a few months ago. Our server told me they weren't selling enough guac and it was going brown too fast. But I've just started bringing in my own guac. And sometimes I also bring along a tub of Tofutti sour cream.

The nachos are best enjoyed with my favorite beer — Pyramid Apricot Ale — and my friend Vaughan (pictured in the background):

But if hard liquor's your thing, R.P. Tracks offers half-price shooters anytime a train rolls by. The restaurant is located right next to a set of pretty active tracks. Though the barbecue tofu is divine, R.P. Tracks also makes some mean roasted red pepper hummus that's best enjoyed on pita bread with a side of sweet potato fries.

R.P. Tracks is located at 3547 Walker Avenue, near the University of Memphis campus. They don't have a website, but the phone number is (901) 327-1471.


Belle said...

Every time I go to Tracks (or billards) they're out of tofu!
Guess that's a good thing though that people are lovin' it.

Btw, hope you didn't get any damage in all the flooding yesterday!

Nicci said...

I've never thought to use bbq tofu in some nachos. that sounds delicious. I'm actually making bbq tofu for dinner tonight.

miss v said...

awesome! crispy tofu nachos sounds awesome - i've never added it my nachos before.

Jessica said...

They stopped selling guacamole? That's crazy! Great idea to just bring your own.

Sheridan said...

I DO count them and they ARE to die for! I want some now. Drew and I will try to visit soon I hope!

Amberlyn said...

mmm... I miss R.P. tracks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now you just gotta bring some Daiya!

radioactivegan said...

i haven't been in memphis in a while, but i'll definitely check this out next time i get down there. the nachos look delicious!

I wanted to let you know that I have bestowed on you the great honor of "Sunshine Award" :) You can check it out here, but it basically just means you're awesome! Thanks for some great blogging :)

The Voracious Vegan said...

Barbecue tofu? Roasted red pepper hummus? This is a place I need to go! Sounds and looks so delicious. I looooove barbecue sauce so much, but it has to be the smoky, tangy kind, not the kind that is overly sweet. I like to dip everything in barbecue sauce, especially french fries!

Dianne said...

That's so cool to have a bbq bar that serves tofu! But guacamole that doesn't sell fast enough?! That's crazy!

Eric said...

Hmm BBQ tofu nachos... I might have to replicate that. Sounds really good.

T said...

Oh how I miss good BBQ. I just got in a fight with my boyfriend over this post because I said Europeans can't do BBQ and he said I was being nationalist. Oh well. :P

Anonymous said...

With Memorial Day coming up, that means there's going to be a nationwide charring of animal flesh.

Wendy French Barrett said...

Oh how I miss R.P. tracks. I used to go there when I was a student at Rhodes in the early 2000s. I always got their vegan nachos b.c. I hated dairy back then. (I'm more open to eating cheese now, but still detest sour cream)

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