Thursday, December 7, 2023

Vegan Egg Avo Toast and Shroomlicious News!

Imagine Vegan Cafe has started selling YoEgg's vegan fried eggs in their freezer case. They come two to a package, and I picked up a box on my last visit there. I'd tried the YoEgg on a breakfast burger special offered at Imagine awhile back, but the flavors melded with all of the other burger fixings. I was excited to try this on its own. Or, well, on Avocado Toast. 

I've seen fried eggs on avo toast all over the internet for years, but since I've been vegan long before I even knew what avocado toast was (I went vegan in 2004), I'd never been able to try it. Finally! The YoEgg has a runny yolk, and they really nailed the texture of fried eggs. Fried eggs were really my favorite thing back in my pregan days. I enjoyed this over the avo toast, but once I got to the yolk, it became a fork meal for sure.

I made this really fun Indian Namkeen (aka snack mix) from Vegan Treasures of India. It had fox nuts (which are kind of like that puffed corn snack) and other nuts with Indian spices and curry leaves. This was so good!

These Stuffed Bell Peppers from Tabitha Brown's Cooking from the Spirit were easy and delicious. They were stuffed with Field Roast sausage, mushrooms, spinach, onions and garlic, and they're topped with black olives, vegan cheddar and avocado. I love her book because there are no measurements, just ingredients. So you're truly cooking from the spirit!

And finally, here's the Shroomlicious news! This vegan mushroom-forward, takeout-only spot has moved to the old Midtown Crossing Grill space, which is super-convenient for me. And it has a dining space, so they're working to eventually be open for dine-in. They've also expanded their hours to include Wednesdays and Sundays, and I'm here for all that. Thursdays are Taco Thursdays, and they have Mini Street Tacos for just $2 each. This whole meal — with both their OG taco and Korean tacos — was less than $10. What a deal!

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