Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tan Tan Ramen and Best-ever Potato Flatbread

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that Cameo was the place to go in Memphis for the best cocktails. They also always have vegan options on their small food menu, though they change seasonally. I met my friend Pam there for dinner a few weeks back, and the vegan Baked Potato Flatbread was on the menu. And well, it was the best ever. Just look at it!

It had potato chunks, vegan cheese, vegan bacon bits, aioli, and — wait for it — crumbled barbecue potato chips. That was the highlight there. Took it to the next level. This was a big, but I ate every bite. Would eat again and again, though I doubt it'll be on the menu much longer.

Good Fortune, my favorite ramen spot, serves a mean vegan Tan Tan Ramen, so I tried making the dish at home using a recipe from The Edgy Veg. I found the recipe in an e-book put out by my supplement company, Complement. This had tofu and veggies, but what made it different was the peanut butter and chili oil broth. Really good, but I could never make ramen as good as what's served at Good Fortune.

Here's another recipe from that e-book: BBQ Chicken and Coleslaw Wraps from the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show. It had BBQ soy curls tucked into a wrap with a simple slaw. Quick and easy!

A few weeks back, Octavia Young, the former owner of now-closed Midtown Crossing Grill, had a brunch pop-up at Crosstown Brewing Co. She always provided vegan options at her restaurant, which I miss dearly. And her pop-up menu had them, too. I had the Vegan Smoked Greens with Corn Pancakes. Soul food at its finest.

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