Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Family Dinner! Challah Bread! Sweet & Sour Tofu!

Last Friday, I took the day off work to go visit my parents in Arkansas. I'd spent the previous two weeks quarantining, so I'd be safe to go hang with them. Everything takes so much more thought and planning with COVID! My parents prepped a big ole lunch for us. Or dinner, as my dad would call it. In Arkansas, lunch is called "dinner," and the meal most people know as dinner is called "supper." They created this as a sort of tribute dinner to my Granny (using many of her recipes). Granny passed last November, but she was an awesome cook!

We had Granny's Rotel Black-eyed Peas, which she served every year on New Year's Day. And we also had Granny's Shoepeg Corn (with vegan cream cheese and peppers), plus Mashed Potatoes, Vegan Chicken & Dumplins (my fave!!!), and Hoe Cakes (from my cookbook, Cookin' Crunk). 

For dessert, my mom made this beautiful Banana Split Pie (graham crust, banana, pineapple, coconut whipped cream, pecans, cherries, and Granny's recipe for chocolate sauce). Mmmmmm.

On Saturday morning, I picked up some Vegan Challah Bread from LuLu's at the CY Farmers Market. This is SO GOOD. I sliced it up and froze most of it to enjoy throughout the week.

Here's a bowl of Sweet & Sour Tofu that I made for Wok Wednesday last week. It's from a cookbook called Eating the Alkaline Way that I pulled off my shelf in my effort to work through all my cookbooks. The sauce has fresh tomatoes (from my garden), plus lots of bell pepper, edamame, and carrots. Topped with roasted cashews.

And finally, here's a not-so-pretty pic of my a Grain/Green/Bean Bowl for Monday's lunch. Quinoa, white beans, roasted beets, cauliflower, and broccoli, topped with my go-to bowl sauce (tahini, nooch, sriracha, garlic). 


VanessaKC said...

I always look forward to your family meal posts! Granny was a total badass! Your parents are incredible and the food always looks fantastic.

Cadry's Kitchen said...

Everything your parents cook for you looks amazing. And you can tell it's all prepared with love. I'm especially intrigued with the vegan chicken and dumplings.

Hillary said...

Your parents really seem to be the best! I've never heard of a banana split pie, but wowzers does it look and sound incredible!
I love bowl meals with a great tahini sauce!

Susan said...

What a wonderful looking meal, and a beautiful tribute to your granny. I love seeing the food you eat with your parents, it is always so good.