Thursday, January 25, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 25

It was cake day today! But more on that in a few. This morning, I woke up, had another no-bake oat bar, and ran 4 miles. It was warmer today, and the run was lovely. After my run, I had this awesome bowl of Warm Oats & Nice Cream — banana soft serve with chocolate hemp protein powder topped with oats (sweetened with maple), chocolate PB2 sauce, and cacao nibs. The PB2 sauce and nice cream were the same color, so you can't really see the sauce. I love how the hot oats made the soft serve all melty.

My morning snack was Black Beans with Nooch & Homemade Kraut.

Today was our monthly catered staff lunch meeting at work. It's always vegan-friendly, and this time, the meal was almost entirely vegan! They had food catered from Mama Gaia — the vegetarian, organic cafe in Crosstown Concourse. I chose a Veggie Burger Slider, Mini Asian Tofu Pita, Hummus with Veggies, a couple Baked Fries, a Raw Brownie Bite, and (not pictured) a Raw Carrot Cake Date Ball.

That was more bread than I've had in awhile since the recipes on Reclaim & Revolt are mostly gluten-free. I personally have no issue with gluten, but I've naturally been eating that way since I've been cooking all my meals using Lacy's recipes. I do love bread though, and this was awesome!

Every month, when we have these meetings, we celebrate the birthdays of the staffers who had birthdays throughout the month. Sometimes, we have vegan cake, and today was one of those days. There was Vanilla Cake with Buttercream from Muddy's Bake Shop. And I COULD NOT RESIST! Cake is awesome!

I will say that I did feel kinda gross later in the day. I haven't had much sugar (a little ice cream here and there) this month, and this was a bunch of sugar. Left me feeling a little sluggish. But no regrets. It was delicious going down.

Dinner balanced me out quite a bit. I made a Moroccan Veggie Stew using Lacy's recipes. This has eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, chickpeas, and kalamata olives. It's topped with cashew cream. Those olives really made this soup shine! I had my bowl with a piece of Sprouted Grain Pita on the side (more bread!).

Today's Reclaim & Revolt lesson was THE LAST ONE! :-( It's a 28-day program, but the lessons only come Monday through Thursday. So sad to see this program go. I'm a little behind on my lessons, so I have the weekend to catch up. Today's came from Hannae — more on herbs for digestion!

I'll check back in on Sunday with the last R&R weekend recap!


Sarah said...

I'm sad to see this program go too, I really enjoyed it! Once it warms up I really need to try the banana nice cream with oatmeal combo. It sounds so delicious. That cake looks so good too!

vegan peace said...

Kalamata olives in a soup sounds like the best idea ever!! Yay for vegan cake at work!

Susan said...

I like the idea of noochy beans for a snack! I must remember that, I am always looking for savoury snack options.
Wounds like a fun lunch and cake day at work.

Susan said...

Um... wounds? I meant sounds! Oops.