Tuesday, November 7, 2017

More Stuff I Ate

More random meals, starting with this amazing Carrot Dog with Lentil Chili by my friend Justin Fox Burks of The Chubby Vegetarian blog (and cookbook!). Justin did a pop-up cafe last Friday night at the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and I opted for his carrot version of a hot dog, topped with a homemade lentil chili and guac. The carrots are grilled and have a smoky flavor, like a hot dog!

I've been working on getting my daily turmeric in, so Sunday morning, I added turmeric to my Garlic Pepper Ramen Bowl (with tofu, broccoli, carrots, peas, garlic, and green beans).

Easy weekday morning breakfast of Buckwheat Pancakes (from an Arrowhead Mills mix) with Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon.

This morning, I had a hearty bowl of Sunbutter Oats with sunflower seed butter, sunflower seeds, Bee-Free Honee, and blackberries. I'm all about blackberries lately (probably because Kroger always has them on sale).

Here's a savory breakfast of Toasted Quinoa Hot Cereal, Vegan Egg, Spinach, & Vegan Cheddar. Love a savory bowl in the morning!

I've been eating lots of leftovers lately! Here's the last of my Spaghetti & Eyeballs (aka tofu meatballs) with Almond Ricotta from The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook. I added sauteed spinach, carrots, and peas for good measure.

I had some leftover Easy Vegetable Fried Rice from Vegan for One, but it wasn't enough for a full meal, so I stir-fried some veggies and tofu to go with it.

One day for lunch this week, I pulled out a slice of Spinach-Mushroom Lasagna from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook out of the freezer. I froze a few slices a couple months ago because it made SO MUCH. These make great quick lunches. I topped this with some leftover almond ricotta.


Sarah said...

Yun! You always eat so well! Your Stuff I Ate posts are always inspiring for me :) That ramen is looking especially delicious, especially with the cold weather we've been experiencing!

Brenda said...

It all looks so yummy! I always look forward to your Stuff I Ate posts!

Unknown said...

Once again - I'm jealous of all the vegan food you have located!!!! Yummers!!

Susan said...

I still haven't had a carrot hot dog, but I really want to!