Monday, January 25, 2016

Abundance Diet, Day 22

My last Monday on the 28-day Abundance Diet is almost behind me, and as usual, the meals from Somer McCowan's menu plan did not disappoint. I'm following the meal plan from The Abundance Diet cookbook this month as a way to reset my eating habits and get some healthy fruits and veggies in.

I overslept by about an hour this morning — just didn't hear my alarm. I'd planned a long run, but I only had time for a quick 30-minute run. So I made it a speed work run and really pushed myself. I'm hoping to run another half-marathon in May, but I'd love to PR. After my shower, I had this awesome Annie's Da Bomb Cherry Smoothie with frozen cherries, banana, spinach, hemp seeds, cashew milk, and vanilla hemp protein.

For my daily salad, I had the Green Goddess Spinach Salad, a loaded salad with baby spinach, oil-free goddess dressing, artichoke hearts, tomato, carrots, red onion, avocado, raw almonds, and dried cranberries. I love salads with lots of textures, and this had a perfect combo of crunchy, chewy, and creamy (from the delicious tahini dressing). Also, any salad with dried cranberries is a winner in my book.

The soup of the day was the Cheesiest Potato Soup, which I'd heard was awesome before I even made it. My friend Clarita sent me a Facebook message about this soup when she heard I was doing the Abundance Diet. Apparently, she makes it all the time, and her omni husband loves it so much. It lived up to the hype. Super noochy and creamy and potato-y.

I had more of the Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips as my afternoon snack. Love kale chips to death, but they really get stuck in your teeth. I made a big batch of these in the dehydrator a couple weeks ago. Somer's recipe calls for baking, but since I have a dehydrator, I figured they'd get crispier in there.

Dinner was my second favorite main on the cleanse so far! Cauliflower crust pizza was my first fave, and I thought the BBQ tofu spring rolls were going to be my second fave. But then I made this, and I have a new second fave. This Chile Rellanos Casserole with Enchilada Sauce was amazing! Whole green chiles are stuffed with homemade cashew mozzarella, and they're topped with a chickpea flour mixture that bakes up into something that tastes like a corn tortilla. And there's homemade enchilada sauce on top. Served with cashew sour cream and cilantro. So glad I have leftovers for later in the week.

On the side I had this yummy Garden Salad with green leaf lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, kalamata olives, and oil-free balsamic dressing (from Somer's cookbook).

Whoa, two salads in one day! I'm on a roll! 


Sarah said...

Another amazing day of meals! That soup! I definitely need that in my life. It's the perfect meal in the middle of all of this snow. You are a stronger woman than I though… there is no way I'm drinking smoothies right now, ha!

Holy Food said...

Simply delicious and healthy !!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Susan said...

That soup is so amazing. I also highly recommend trying out the chocolate version of that cherry smoothie when you are finished, it is one of my favourite smoothies!

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