Monday, September 21, 2015

Vegan Mofo: Stranded on an Island

I'm watching Lost for the first time. I'm only on the first season, so we can't really talk about it for fear of spoilers. BUT I LOVE IT! Like I just want to stay at home for a couple weeks and binge-watch all the seasons. I have some vacay time left at work. Maybe I'll work that out.

But anyway, today's challenge is to narrow down three endless supplies of food I'd want if I were stranded on an island. And we're to assume all of our nutritional needs are met, so somehow this magical island is producing fruits, veggies, and plant proteins. So the three foods Mofo-ers pick are meant to be extra — that bonus junk food you need for your spiritual nourishment.

I could have picked products, and I almost went with Daiya Cheezy Mac, Tofurky frozen pizzas, Koyo ramen, and popcorn. But I know that's four, and I simply cannot narrow that list down any further. So I thought, well, if this island is indeed magical and producing food for my vegan nutritional needs, maybe rather than supplies, it can just give me three finished meals. Or maybe, if I know ahead of time that I'll be stranded, I can make a bunch of these three meals and freeze them. Be prepared, right?

Since I can't choose between mac & cheese, pizza, ramen, and popcorn, I've decided that we should just combine two of those into one item — the Buffalo Ranch Mac & Cheese Pizza! My friends and I made these one night at my house, and I've been dreaming about it ever since. This is definitely coming on the island.

I still want that ramen. And I'd actually be content with simple packages of ramen — just noodles and flavor packets. But if I could have an endless bowl of this Vegan Garlic Chicken Ramen with a Vegan Hard-boiled Egg, that would be way better. I made this back in 2011 from Meet the Shannons. Best ramen bowl ever. Here's Annie & Dan's recipe.

And finally popcorn! I have a bit of a popcorn addiction. Once I start, I can't stop until every kernel is gone. Doesn't matter how much popcorn is in front of me. I eat it all. And I eat it very slowly, one kernel at a time to savor the flavor. If you sit next to me at the movies, I'm probably your worst nightmare. I pack my own noochy popcorn when I go to the movies, and I stash it in a big ole bag. And then I crunch, crunch, crunch for the whole movie. Sorry, not sorry.

So yea, this is going to be a pretty awesome stranded-on-an-island situation for me. I won't need Mr. Locke to kill a poor wild boar or Hurley to spear some sweet little fishy (sorry, Lost references!). 


Susan said...

I'm coming over to your desert island!

Zsu Dever said...

Love your choices! That pizza does look dreamy! And Lost. My hubby and I actually DID binge watch all the seasons over a a few weeks. I won't spoil it for you, but would love to discuss it once you are done :)


vegan peace said...

Your island is so much better than mine! Lost is in the top two of my all time favorite TV shows! I have watched the whole series twice, and I'm starting to think about it again!

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed the LOST connections here! Nice post!