Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tempeh BLT with Miyoko's Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese

So I was planning on saving this sandwich recipe for Vegan Mofo, which starts September 1st, but I needed a post for tonight. And it just makes sense to follow yesterday's review of Miyoko's Creamery Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash with another Miyoko's Creamery post. They sent me a few cheeses to review and develop recipes with, and tonight, I'll be sharing my recipe for a Tempeh BLT with Miyoko's Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese.

The Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese is my second favorite of all of Miyoko's line of vegan, nut-based cheeses. It's soft like a cream cheese, and it melts in your mouth — literally. It's LOADED with chives and bursting with flavor. In the past, I've enjoyed it spread on bagels or slices of toasted garlic bread.

But last week, I used Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese as a sandwich spread on a vegan BLT. And it really took my otherwise-standard bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich over the top. I made my own tempeh bacon, of course. And I spread one slice of toast with Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese and another with vegan mayo (I used Just Mayo by Hampton Creek) and sriracha.

Here's the recipe!

Tempeh BLT with Miyoko's Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese
Yields 1 sandwich

2 slices toasted whole wheat bread
3 slices tempeh bacon (recipe below)
2 slices tomato
1 leaf of romaine or green leaf lettuce
1 ounce Miyoko's Creamery Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese
1/2 Tbsp. vegan mayo
Sriracha, optional

To assemble, spread one slice of bread with the Classic Double Cream Chive Cheese and spread the mayo on the other. Add any desired sriracha to the side with the mayo.

Lay the lettuce leaf on the slice with the cream chive cheese. Top with tomatoes and then bacon. Top with the remaining slice of bread. Eat!

Tempeh Bacon
1 8-ounce package tempeh
1 cup vegetable broth
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 Tbsp. hoison sauce
2 Tbsp. maple syrup
2 tsp. Liquid Smoke

Slice the tempeh lengthwise into about 12 long, thin strips. Steam tempeh in a steamer basket over boiling water for 10 minutes. Or if you don’t own a steamer basket, place tempeh directly in enough water to cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

Mix the veggie broth, soy sauce, hoison, maple syrup, and Liquid Smoke in a large storage container. Place tempeh slices in container and make sure liquid is covering each slice. Marinate overnight.

To cook, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Drain marinade and place strips on a greased baking sheet. Cook for 10 minutes and flip each slice. Then bake for 10 more minutes.

Makes about 12 slices.

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Tina said...

This looks so yummy and delicious! It is so healthy and nutritious!! Thanks for sharing!