Monday, June 22, 2015

Earth-friendly Solstice Picnic!

The Summer Solstice, my favorite seasonal holiday, was Sunday. But Sunday was also Father's Day, which totally takes precedence because dads are awesome. So I put off my Solstice celebration until today. After work, Paul and I packed a picnic and headed to Overton Park — our amazing, massive neighborhood park — for a meal to kick off the summer.

And just our luck, a small company called Repurpose had sent us some renewable, BPA-free, compostable, eco-friendly dinnerware for review!

God, I love a picnic. I'd picnic every day if I could, and knowing that I'm using earth-friendly products makes picnics that much more special. Plus, on this day when we celebrate Father Sun and Mother Earth, it's especially important to be kind to the planet. Here's our spread with Repurpose plates, cups, and utensils!

For the entree, I made some quick Green Goddess Wraps from Cooking By the Seasons. These have romaine, mung bean sprouts (that I grew myself!), black olives, hot peppers and cherry tomatoes from our garden, avocado, vegan provolone, sriracha mustard, and homemade garlic aioli. Yum!! On the side, I had Earth Balance Vegan Sour Cream and Onion Kettle Chips!

We toasted with drinks in Repurpose cups! Paul had orange juice because he's going through an OJ kick. But I had homemade blueberry wine gifted to me last summer (but never opened) from my friends Phorest and Rhiannon from the Farm. Yum!

The eco-friendly dishes stood up just fine to our messy wraps. Paul's wrap totally fell apart, but the salad dressing that fell onto his plate didn't even make his plate soggy. The cups were perfect for our drinks. And the utensils were hard plastic that would have stood up to anything! Paul had to eat the rest of his wrap with a fork. Cheers to that! And cheers to summer!

We didn't have access to a compost pile (and we don't compost at home sadly, after a few miserable attempts that resulted in fruit fly invasions ... ugh!), but we felt good knowing our dinnerware wouldn't sit in a landfill for years and years. This stuff will break down much faster.

Happy Solstice!!


Susan said...

Happy solstice! We just had winter solstice, and I am feeling good about the days getting longer again!

اكلات حواء said...

great :D

Kim said...

Happy Solstice!

Sarah said...

Aww this looks like so much fun! I love that you celebrate the solstice and picnics are awesome. I should definitely do a picnic sometime soon! Happy solstice!

Babette said...

Happy Summer! I love picnics too.

Sayward Rebhal said...

Love this! I love Summer Solstice and love seeing how other people celebrate. And hello, that homemade blueberry wine from the Farm?? Amazing!