Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Places to Stuff Your Meat

You know how I like to take a good thing and just post it to death? Well, that's what I'm doing tonight. Sort of. I had planned a post reviewing a new vegan cookbook, but I stayed up too late watching The Campaign (OMG, hilarious). So I'm saving that post for tomorrow and making this one short and sweet with few more holdovers from Atlanta.

Yesterday, I blogged about the vegan meats I purchase at Gutenfleisher's Deli inside Dough Bakery. I purchased a half-pound of vegan roast beef and vegan "fire" turkey (hot turkey with flecks of habanero). Tonight, I want to show you a couple ways I've used the meat so far. Of course, you could do these with any vegan deli slices, like Tofurky or Yves.

After our 7-hour drive home from Atlanta on Sunday night, I was famished. I'd not eaten since brunch at Soul Vegetarian (aside from a little popcorn on the road). And after that drive, there was no way I wanted to cook anything. What's a hungry, tired girl to do? Go to Subway. Yep, I went down to the Subway by my house and ordered a foot-long Veggie Delite (And yes, that's 9-Grain Wheat, which apparently has honey ... which I just learned about. So I'll get Italian White next time ... live and learn). I had 'em stuff it with every veggie in the place and some Sweet Onion Sauce. Then I stuffed one side with the roast beef and the other side with the turkey. Instant club sandwich:

The next day, I wanted to use more of the roast beef. So whipped up a French Dip Sandwich with the deli slices and Vegenaise. I used my beef broth recipe from Cookin' Crunk for the dippin sauce:

Delicious! Now, before I retire for the night, I want to share a short clip that one of the Atlanta VegFesters — Seth — filmed of me during the event. Apparently, my favorite words are "um," "super awesome," and "yummy."


Allysia said...

"super awesome" is a good phrase to say a lot! :) Also I love modifying subs...there's a Mr. Sub right by my work so a lot of the time I'm smuggling in hummus or vegenaise, ha ha. :)

urban vegan said...

You're gonna need a vacation after this road trip! ;)

Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash said...

The sandwiches look great! And I can't wait to hear about the "fire" sounds delicious.

JohnP said...

Well, you are super awesome! If you journey back to Atlanta, our apartment there is approximately 5 minutes away from Dough / Glutenfleischers!