Sunday, May 22, 2011

Caribbean Macaroni & Cheese

If I had to pick one favorite food, it'd probably be vegan mac & cheese. Well, make that second favorite after Ramen noodles. Nothing can top Ramen. But mac & cheese is pretty damn good. I've tried all sorts of vegan versions from noochy cheese sauces to packaged mixes and even cashew cheese (like the one included in my cookbook).

But until today, I'd never tried anything like Taymer Mason's Bajan Macaroni Pie with Tofu Cheddar from Caribbean Vegan:

This baked mac & cheese is made with a creamy tofu-based cheddar, a cheesy roux made with nutritional yeast and lots of vegan butter, and plenty of herbs and spices. The most important ingredient in making this Caribbean is probably the heaping tablespoon of Taymer's Bajan Seasoning, which you have to make first. It's made with green onions, habanero peppers, vinegar, herbs, and spices. It adds just the right spicy, tropical kick to any dish, and it keeps for quite a while in the fridge. I keep a jar in my fridge to use on tofu, toast, and other stuff.

Now, if you look at Taymer's picture of macaroni pie from the book, you'll see that mine isn't nearly as pretty as hers. Her noodles actually stayed together in a square, like a slice of pie. But I couldn't wait the recommended 30 minutes before digging in, so mine fell apart. But that's okay. It still tasted wonderful.

I served my pie with a generous helping of Steamed Broccoli and Leahey Gardens Cheese Sauce:

Yes, it was a very cheesy meal ... without a bit of dairy cheese. Vegans cheese is better anyway.

What's your favorite cheesy vegan dish?


foodfeud said...

I never thought to add hot spices to a mac and cheese, duh! Sounds great.
I recently made the Vegan Yum Yum "Creamy Broccoli Mushroom Bake" with Hurry-Up Alfredo sauce that was pretty damn tasty. I've also enjoyed Happy Herbivore's nacho cheese!

strangevegan said...
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strangevegan said...

I love vegan mac and cheese! That looks awesome! I'll have to try the tofu cheddar. I read your blog all the time and used to live in Memphis too. Check out my vegan blog and tell me what you think! I've linked to your blog on it:

Allysia said...

That Bajan Mac and Cheese is actually my favorite vegan mac. :) It's got more steps than most but so worth it!

Bethany said...

I have had this book for months but haven't made anything yet! I got it because I went to Barbados several years ago (when I was an omni) and I loved the food, especially the mac 'n cheese pie! Was this difficult to make?

HayMarket8 said...


deborah said...

thank you soooooo much for this wonderful blog! i just went vegan a week ago, and i am having a blast! i cannot wait to make this mac and cheese, it looks delicious! i LOVE brewers yeast!(it's yummy on broccoli and popcorn too). a new follower!
deb said...

I'm pretty sure Mac & Cheese is my favourite food too, I've never met a nooch sauce I didn't like!

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

That looks amazing! I love vegan macaroni and cheese.