Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vegan Frappucinos!

I'm sure I'm the last to know, but I just found out that Starbucks now has vegan-freakin' Frappucinos! Do what?! Yes, that's right. A whole new world has opened up for me.

Photo from Flickr: Ilovemypit

I made the discovery last night (despite a post by Quarrygirl about vegan frapps in April) after I downloaded the latest version of Vegan Express on my iPhone. Vegan Express is the awesome app that lists vegan options at major fast food and corporate restaurant chains, and the new version lists all the new vegan frapps! Disclaimer: Although I've tried to resist the corporate evil of Starbucks, I cannot resist the deliciousness of a creamy Starbucks soy latte. I promise to purchase a cup of coffee from a local shop for every Starbucks beverage I indulge in.

Before, Starbucks used a Frappucino base that contained dairy, but the new "However-You-Want-It-Frappucino" can be made with soymilk. Be sure to clarify "no whip" and in some cases "no caramel drizzle" when ordering.

Lucky for me, I had a business appointment this morning at a Starbucks in Midtown, so I ordered my very first Frappucino. I felt so 1996! I never tried a frapp in my dairy days since my hometown didn't have a Starbucks. I went with the new Extra Coffee Caramel Soy Frappucino with no whip and no caramel drizzle. You have to clarify no whip or caramel to make them vegan, by the way.

For years, I've experienced frapp envy every time the boyfriend orders a Venti Java Chip Frappucino, and although that flavor still isn't dairy-free, I now have a whole menu of vegan frapps to choose from. Veganizable flavors include coffee, caramel (without the topping), extra coffee caramel (without topping), mocha, caffe vanilla, green tea, chai, strawberries and creme, and vanilla bean creme. The Light Frappucinos are NOT VEGAN.

My morning frapp was everything I dreamed it would be. Goodbye iced latte. Hello Soy Frappucino.


Lady Ren said...

I love learning new things via IPhone apps!

Woobie is Vegan said...

that is glorious news! I didn't know that either and I do like Starbucks (sorry!). I usually get a soy latte and in winter a soy peppermint mocha >_< yay!

Maida said...

I was super excited when starbucks launched this!! I haven't had a frap in many years and really enjoyed one the other day.

Just want to point out though that I think the chai contains honey. If they use the same tazo chai for the fraps that they use for the chais, then I'm pretty sure it does.

Hope said...

Yes!! I was also very excited about this. Try the green tea with soy and peppermint. Delicious! Like mint ice cream!

Rick said...

i am still sketchy about Starbucks soy. What soy product do they use? Did the company submit to the hexane extraction tests that were posted in the report I posted in my blog a few weeks ago about deceivingly unhealthy soy? I'd love to find out, any info is appreciated :)

- The Health Sleuth

Chocolate-Covered Katie said...

First Starbucks, next Baskin-Robbins. Hy, a girl can dream, right?

I am so jealous of the peeps in Cali who get vegan Carvel!!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

This is the best news I've heard since Whole Foods began carrying Daiya! I find ordering at Starbucks to be kinda stressful. I hope I don't screw up and order a non-vegan drink.

Keri - I Eat Trees said...

They're SO good aren't they?! YUM!

the.ransom.cake.files said...

I know, the extra coffee soy coffee frappuccino's are the BOMB!

Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

I posted about this a few weeks ago when they were having "happy hour" and the price was discounted and a lot of people left comments saying that although they have different containers, most places are lax and there could be serious cross-contamination =(


Millie said...

Hi Bianca...please check my blog...you have won an award.


Hannah said...

This is my first comment, but I'm a long time reader. Love your blog. :]

I'm so excited about the vegan frappes!!
but one question:
You said in your post that the 'light' ones are not vegan, but you ordered an Extra Coffee 'Light' Soy Frappuccino.

I'm sort of confused :P

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I still haven't tried one yet but I too was so happy to hear that they made them veganizable!

I also try to buy local in place of every Starbucks purchase, haha.

Robin said...

My roommate works at Starbucks and she alerted me to this back in March. I got to sample some before they "came on the market".

My boyfriend may mock me, but I love love love my extra coffee soy frap and will indulge whenever I feel like it (and by that I mean, whenever I can afford it!)

Glad to know I'm not alone!

Leslie R. said...


misss_e said...

Yyyyyaaayyy! How awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome timing. I JUST texted my friend that I could finally try the strawberry frap something and then up pops this post in my Reader. Yay!


Erin said...

I recently fell in love with iced soy lattes, so I bet I'd really looove frappucinos. Never had one!

dreaminitvegan said...

I'm so happy you are so happy!!!I'm not into those sweet coffee drinks but I'ts very nice to know that they are now offering alternatives to dairy. yay!

Bianca said...

Hannah, good catch! I did say I had the Extra Coffee Light Frapp, but that was a typo. I actually had the Extra Coffee Caramel. I changed the post after noticing this morning. Oops!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little suspicious of this... I work in a coffee shop, and we've looked into several brands of "dairy free" frappe powders...and they have all contained milk ingredients!... just not lactose. Obviously these are geared towards people with lactose intolerance, not vegans. Anything can be made with soymilk as the liquid part of the drink, but is this Starbucks powder truly vegan, or just lactose free? I can't seem to find an ingredient list anywhere online. If anyone knows a Starbucks employee, please ask them to check the ingredients listed on the bag of powder! Thanks!

zemmely said...

I agree with the last anonymous comment. I also think that veganism is a decision to not participate in behaviors that are unethical and environmentally unsound. As such, I think it's strange to say
"I promise to purchase a cup of coffee from a local shop for every Starbucks beverage I indulge in."

This sentiment basically means that despite knowing that there is a better and more socially responsible alternative out there (local, sustainable coffee), you choose to participate in a hype that is not socially responsible.

Either way, whether ethically or in terms of questionable frap ingredients, Starbucks is not worth it.

andi said...

I've been doing soy at Starbucks for a long time, just to avoid the lactose. Right now I'm doing the double chocolate chip frap. Actually I think when I first started with those, they didn't suggest it with soy, so I didn't do it as much. I think you didn't mention it, and it might not be vegan, since chocolate usually implies milk. Is there something to that. My wintertime choice is the soy hot-chocolate. I'm guessing, same deal? I'm not a vegan, but I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

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Midnite said...

When you order your frap make sure that they blend it up the pink one marked 'NON-DAIRY' instead of the regular one marked 'DAIRY'. Happened to me tonight but the barrista was awesome about it and made me a new drink and gave me a voucher for a free drink next time I go there for the mix-up.

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