Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cruciferous Veggie Love

On Sunday night, dinner featured a cruciferous veggie entree served with a cruciferous veggie side. I didn't really mean to get all crazy with the Brassicacae family of vegetables. It just kinda happened.

My boyfriend rarely eats the vegan food I make because, as I mentioned before, he has horrible taste. However, when I made the Stuffed Cabbage from More Fabulous Beans on New Year's Day this year, he insisted that I make the recipe again and again. I'm just now getting around to that.

These cabbage rolls (from Barb Bloomfield's awesome vegan bean book) are stuffed with a seasoned mix of black-eyed peas and brown rice. They're topped with an Italian-spiced marinara and baked in the oven.

On the side, I served up some fresh steamed broccoli from the Memphis Farmers Market:

That sexy-lookin' cheese sauce is melted Creamy Cheddar Teese (yes, Teese still has a place in this Daiya world we live in!).

Since crucifers tend to be high in vitamin C, soluble fiber, and nutrients with cancer-fighting properties, I felt pretty healthy after downing this meal.

On another note: Commenter Hannah noticed my mistake in yesterday's Starbucks post. I said I had an Extra Coffee Light Frappucino, and then I said light frapps were not vegan. Silly me! I didn't actually have a light frapp. I had the Extra Coffee Caramel Frappucino with soy milk, no whip, and no caramel drizzle. Sorry for any confusion. Good eye, Hannah!


Anonymous said...

"My boyfriend rarely eats the vegan food I make because, as I mentioned before, he has horrible taste."

Cracking up over here on that one, Bianca! Too funny. Everything looks great - and I have good taste (I think).

Millie said... did a great job. Last week I also made some stuffed cabbage, mine was Slovak came out good. I love your dish, it looks great and very appetizing. I did say you can cook anything...EXCELLENT!.

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

It's funny that of all things for your boyfriend to love; cabbage and black eyed peas would be involved. I dream of the day when my husband will eat such things!!

two vegan boys said...

This looks super tasty!

Jessica said...

At first I couldn't fathom eating the black eyed peas and cabbage with spicy tomato sauce, but I guess that's just about the same as eating them with salsa. You know, tomato, onion, some spiciness... same thing!

miss v said...

i love stuffed and baked cabbage rolls... (i love anything cabbage). i did a post about a year ago when i was out of beans, so i used yellow split peas instead - they rocked!

Marja said...

I just... can't understand how you could have a boyfriend that doesn't eat the food you make... I want to be your boyfriend and eat the food you make---even though I'm not a boy and happily in a monogamous relationship. He is missing out on SO MUCH! Maybe he just needs to be bonked on the head like in a V8 commercial?

jessy said...

that's so awesome Paul enjoys the stuffed cabbage, and too funny on you referring to his horrible taste. ah ha ha! dan has horrible taste, too. the boy doesn't like cabbage, sauerkraut, or mustard. 'nuff said. ;) it kills me. but anyways..... i can get down with some cruciferous veggies, fo 'sho! the braised cabbage i had the other day rocked my socks, and i'm gonna have try some stuffed cabbage soon as well. hooray for teese - i still lurve me some teese, i also like daiya, but you know?, i really still love FYH and those galaxy vegan rice cheeze slices. fo realz.

i saw your post on the vegan fraps @ starbucks and totally told dan (the soy milk they use really messes with my stomach so i tend to stay away from it). you totally made his day - thanks, Bianca!

Nina said...

Ha ha ha! I'm laughing hysterically about your boyfriend with horrible taste. So funny!

baby cribs said...

You did a great job on the veggies! They are so pretty in the dish.