Monday, July 27, 2020

Burgers! Pancakes! More!

Before I get into tonight's post, I want to share my latest freelance piece in Edible Memphis. I wrote a Memphis Vegan Guide that went live today. There's a more exhaustive list on this blog (it's linked in the right-side column), but this new guide hits the highlights (and it's illustrated with some beautiful images).

Okay, now here's a beautiful burger! I tried the Pure Farmland plant-based beef, which is about $1 less than Beyond Burger at Sprouts. It's okay! It's not as good as Beyond, so I'll probably stick with the original, but this isn't too bad. Unfortunately, you can't see the patty here because my melty Chao Cheese took it over. But it was prepared on the grill and served on a LuLu's sourdough potato bun.

On the side, I grilled some sliced potatoes in foil. And I whipped up a quick Summer Tomato Salad with tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden.

I picked up some Be-Hive Vegan Sausage on my last Nashville visit. It's made with their house-made seitan and quinoa. Really yummy with a good fennel-y sausage taste. I tried it with Oat Flour Pancakes and some fresh nectarine last Sunday morning.

I think I'm finally over Overnight Oats (but you may see a few more pics as I get caught up!). After eating it several days a week for 3-4 weeks, it's time for a change. But here's one of my favorite overnight oats combos —oats, berries, granola, and a drizzle of 88 Acres roasted pumpkin seed butter.

And finally, here's a yummy snack from my July Goddess Provisions box. These monthly boxes have crystals, candles, oils, and more. And some month's, they include a snack! This month, the box had a desert magic theme, and they included these Sun & Swell Foods Date & Cashew Cookies. They're really just date balls, but they were very tasty! 


Hillary said...

That Chao melt!!!! I've been wondering about the Pure farmland. They have Italian sausage ground too.
I wish I had a grill, I love grilled potatoes!

Susan said...

I love the look of everything, but that burger with salad and those grilled potatoes... oh my.