Monday, June 15, 2020

Avocado Toast & Savory Waffles!

As I've adjusted to this new stay-at-home-most-of-the-time life, I've learned to eat a little simpler. Gone are the days when I could just run to the neighborhood Kroger to get food for one recipe. Now, we have to think ahead and buy in bulk. Often, I'm eating the same meal every day but with a little twist to make it special each time.

Take, for example, Avocado Toast! I always buy a bunch of green avocados when I do my big grocery trip, so they last about a week. It's always a sad day when the avocados run out. I've been enjoying avo toast for lunch a few days a week, but I try to add different toppings each time. My fave is always with added tofu! Here's some toasties with tofu and fresh tomato. 

And here's avocado toast with shredded carrots and scallions. It was a fun and colorful combo that I'd definitely eat again.

And finally, here's some avo toast that I had for lunch on Sunday. I topped this with herbs from my front yard garden — basil, cilantro, and parsley, plus a squeeze of lime and some pink salt.

I'm not cooking out of cookbooks as often as I did before the pandemic, but I'm still working on my goal to cook every recipe in the No Meat Athlete Cookbook! One of those recipes — Olive-Chickpea Waffles — was easily made with stuff I had on-hand. These are made with chickpea flour and flecked with Italian spices and kalamata olives, so they taste a bit like pizza waffles. They recommend to serve them with hummus/avocado or marinara, so I tried both! I had kale with nooch on the side both times. I love how long fresh kale keeps in the fridge!

And now for something funny! My mom has been sorting through my Granny's old photos, and she keeps finding baby pictures of me with food. Like, in every single photo, I'm eating! I've always loved to eat! I thought I'd share one per day for a few days. Here's one of me eating what looks like fries and some kind of fried meat (sorry!) in my undies. With food all over my face. No shame. 


Hillary said...

I want all of your avocado toast! It's so pretty with the shredded carrots!
I'm not much of a sweet waffle or pancake person, but I love savory chickpea pancakes and so I feel like savory chickpea waffles would be even more amazing!! Especially studded with Kalamata olives, yum!

dayna said...

😍 now I'm hungry for avocado toast!

Susan said...

Baby Bianca living her best life!

I have been missing avocados here. We get our groceries delivered, and the last few times I tried to order them they were so bruised and already going black, it just wasn't worth it. I occasionally go out to an actual shop, so I always get a ripe one and a couple of super hard ones to hopefully make them last a while!