Wednesday, August 14, 2019

BURGERS (and a sandwich)

Y'all, I FINALLY tried the Burger King Impossible Whopper this past weekend, and IT WAS AMAZING. For a moment, I was worried they'd accidentally given me a meat burger! I am sooooo excited that plant-based meats are taking over the world right now!

Since I posted this image on my IG and Facebook, I've heard from a few vegans who said they wouldn't eat the Impossible because of cross-contamination. And I hear ya. You do you. But here's my take: I don't strive to be a perfect vegan. I do strive to save as many animals as I can. And when a mainstream, fast-food joint offers a plant-based burger on a massive scale, that does so much to boost awareness of veganism and to encourage non-vegans to eat less meat. And that saves animals, so I'm all for it.

Besides, if you aim to avoid all cross-contamination, you'd never be able to dine at non-vegan restaurants. And that's cool if you live in, say, Portland. But for the rest of us in smaller, less vegan-friendly cities, dining in non-vegan restaurants is a fact of life.

Okay, off my soapbox! The burger was delicious! I have a BK around the corner from my house, so I took the burger home and added Follow Your Heart Provolone and Vegenaise (be sure to order the burger with no mayo — it doesn't come with cheese). I also made some Sweet Potato Fries in the air fryer.

Here's a less attractive (due to my quick photo in the takeout box) but equally delicious vegan burger from Memphis burger joint, Huey's. They serve Beyond Burgers, and I got one to-go last week (West Coast style with guac and vegan smoked gouda) with a side of steamed veggies.

Here's a quick burger that I made at home for lunch one day! It's a Foodies Artichoke Burger (made with brown rice, artichokes, and cashews), topped with vegan provolone and veggies. More veggies and hummus on the side.

And finally, this is not a burger. It's a Tempeh Banh Mi from the cafe at Crosstown Arts. Served with mushroom pecan pate and pickled veggies. Perfection!


Hillary said...

I've never had an impossible burger anywhere, BK is the first place near me to offer it. It's amazing how far we've come. It doesn't get much more mainstream than Burger King!!!!

_emmbeedee_ said...

I tried one last week and thought they'd given me a meat burger too!

I with you on the cross contamination issue. While I'd love restaurants to have dedicated vegan kitchen space, there is literally no place in my town that I'd be able to eat if I was 100% strict on that issue. I just try to do the best I can and try not to beat myself up when I can't be 'perfect'.

Sarah said...

I know people personally who have serious issues with the Impossible Burger being promoted by vegans because of the animal testing stuff. I get that. But at the same time there are a lot of vegans who don't have access to all of the options vegans on the coast or in big cities have. I'm glad that they have an option too. As far as myself, I fall into the category of doing the best I can. I don't ask about fryers in every restaurant I go to because if fries are my only option I'm eating fries lol. It's unfortunate that the vegan police make it so difficult to do anything as a vegan because you think you'll get called out for not being "vegan enough."

GW said...

BK is now less of a cow killer. Perhaps it will be a permanent money maker. It's available for those of us traveling with carnivores. I think it puts a real option for everyone who would not like to kill a cow for a burger.

Ms. Vandy said...

I tried one over the weekend and I was SERIOUSLY impressed! I too had the fleeting thought ... wait a minute, is this meat? Vegan burgers have come a looooong way! BTW, you can request them NOT to put it through the flame broiler like they prepare the regular Whoppers -- less chance of cross contamination -- but I'm not sure if they just nuke it then or what. Beyond Burgers are still my FAVES but it's nice to have options. :D

Susan said...

It is very exciting that they are so widely available in the US! We don't have Impossible Burger here, one of our burger chains (Grill'd) does offer the Beyond Burger though. Hungry Jacks is our version of Burger King, and they do have a vegan cheese burger (with vegan cheese and mayo) but the patty is a very unimpressive pile of veggie patties. I hope they will get something a bit better soon!

Jennifer said...

I don't mind shared cooking space. I know that is partly because I am not grossed out my guts and stuff, but also I know how miffed people get when they hear about vegans who don't like shared cooking equipment. I even had a friend who got fired for it, which he just didn't know any better (and probably reacted poorly initially)