Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Vegan Brats! Philly Wraps! Curry Tofu Salad!

RP Tracks, a college bar by the University of Memphis, has always been super vegan-friendly (even way back when I first went vegan in 2004!). They are, after all, the home of world-famous BBQ Tofu Nachos. But they just expanded their vegan options to include a few new menu items, including the Brat Wrecker (a Beyond Brat with black bean chili & onions, served with amazing fries). We had last month's Memphis Vegan Drinks meet-up there, and of course, I ordered the brat! It's buried under all that chili. The bun is a little too large for the Beyond Brat, but I'll never really complain about extra bread.

They've also added vegan ranch (made locally at Imagine Vegan Cafe!) for their buffalo tofu. I ordered a side of ranch for my fries! And they've got a new Tofu Tuesday deal where they offer a lemongrass tofu dish. Haven't tried that yet but can't wait.

One day last week, I had lunch in the cafe at Crosstown Arts (where I work), and I'd tried to order the philly wrap. But they were out of seitan steak. So I went with the Curry Tofu Salad instead. Love this creamy tofu with almonds and grapes.

The next day, I still needed my philly fix though. So I ordered the Philly Steak & Cheese Wrap and — yay! — they had seitan! This vegan cheesy seitan wrap with sauteed peppers is SO GOOD. Chef Raymond makes his own seitan, and it's to die for.

Here's a quick breakfast of Whole Wheat Bagel with Garlic Hummus & Sriracha, plus fresh berries and clementines.

And finally, here's a great Lemon Tahini Pasta with Veggies that I made last week using the lemon-tahini sauce from the No Meat Athlete Sauce System blog post. I mixed the sauce with Explore Cuisine Red Rice Pasta and sauteed squash, zucchini, bell pepper, garlic, chickpeas, and baby spinach. Very good and super simple.


Sarah said...

Oh wow, yum!! That's so awesome that a college bar has been so vegan friendly for so long! The brat looks amazing and omg those fries! The breakfast bagel with fruit looks awesome, I can't wait for berry season! I'm glad you got your philly steak and cheese wrap, it looks amazing!

Unknown said...

That’s great to see the beyond brat on their menu! I was just reading about how burger king is testing the impossible burger- so exciting to see more veg options out there.
Seriously impressive the chef makes his own seitan, that’s so awesome it’s right there too. That tofu curry sounds good to me! I love dishes like that in warm weather.