Monday, April 22, 2019

Eating Vegan in Ft. Lauderdale, Days 3-4

We got home from a 7-day vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida yesterday! I totally meant to post more while I was there, but I was just too busy being a beach bum to break out my computer. Can you blame me? Ha!

I recapped the first two days in a post while we were there, and now that I'm back, I'll be recapping the rest. Here's what we ate and did on days 3 and 4 (that would be Tuesday and Wednesday of last week).

On Tuesday, Paul and I went on a short 3-mile run around the neighborhood by our beach rental. Then I had some oats with nut butter. We spent most of the morning lounging on the beach. Paul played in the ocean, while I caught up on reading. Currently reading this great running memoir by Catra Corbett called Reborn on the Run. She's a former goth party kid turned ultramarathoner. Very inspiring.

After a few hours at the beach, we snacked on sandwiches made at our rental. Eating in saved us a lot of money!

We even stayed in to eat that evening. We made a romantic pasta dinner in our room using the copper conduction hot plate and microwave in our mini-kitchen. We'd bought boxed rotini, a jarred sauce, bagged salad, vegan ranch, toast, and Earth Balance at the Publix down the street, so we had all the fixins for Pasta Night! We also grabbed a box of wine. Yes, we burned the bread in the toaster but you make do.

We went back to the beach later that night to watch the waves in the dark. The ocean is extra beautiful at night.

Wednesday, day 4, started with another morning run. This time, I went alone and did a little speedwork.

Our friend Nicole from Chicago was planning to stay with us for the latter half of the trip, and she arrived that morning after my run. We spent the day at the beach with her, and then we cleaned up and went out for dinner at Tacocraft, a taco/tequila bar by the beach rental.

We started with Guac & Chips.

They had a few vegan taco options, so I chose the Crispy Tofu Taco and the Kale Sweet Potato Taco. Both were excellent, but that crispy fried tofu was out of this world!

And of course, I had a margarita! Or two (hey, they were half-off for happy hour!).

We ended out the evening hanging in the hot tub at the beach rental, until the neighbors complained that we were being too loud. Ha!


Ashley said...

Sounds like your neighbors didn't understand the term 'vacation'!

Bethany C. said...

Wonderful share! check my blog if you want

Sarah said...

Ahhh how fun!! The water looks so inviting! The meals all look great and your home cooked dinner definitely looks amazing. I'm so glad you had such a great time! I love the jumping picture! It's so fun :)