Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Stuff I Ate!

Whew! I just finished watching Hillary's nomination acceptance speech at the DNC, and I'm just swelling with lady pride! And I'm up past my bedtime, so here's a quick rundown of some more stuff I ate recently. Unlike last night's post, which was mostly brown food, most of tonight's selections are popping with color.

We had our July Vegan Drinks a couple weeks back at The Blue Nile, an awesome Ethiopian joint with a nice selection of craft beer. I got my usual — the Veggie Platter — because it's got a little bit of everything. I could seriously eat Ethiopian food everyday, and The Blue Nile never disappoints.

Here's a delicious (but brown) Maple Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie whipped up after a recent run — almond milk, maple-brown sugar powdered peanut butter by PB Lean, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder (probably Vega or Nutiva, but I can't remember which), and maple syrup. 

Went to Imagine Vegan Cafe for brunch on Sunday, as usual. This time, I got the SOB Burger (that stands for South of the Border Burger) with guac, salsa, and jalapenos. Steamed broccoli with vegan white cheese on the side.

Speaking of burgers, I had one tonight at home too. This was a Tofurky Black Bean Burger with Vegan Smoked Gouda (by Follow Your Heart). With homemade pickles, Just Mayo Light, onion, and lettuce on a spelt Ozery Bakery OneBun. On the side — baby carrots with white bean hummus.

Paul and I joined our friends Vaughan and Nicole at the Levitt Shell last Sunday night for a picnic and a free concert by Nikki Hill (she plays a sort of R&B/punk hybrid music, if that's a thing). We brought beer, two kinds of breads, vegan smoked gouda, grapes, and baby carrots with hummus. Vaughan and Nicole brought wine and fresh peaches from their peach trees.

On Monday night, Paul and I grabbed takeout from our fave Korean noodle shop, Crazy Noodle. I got my usual — Mandu Guk — ordered with veggie broth and no egg. This soup is loaded with vegetable mandu (dumplings) and chewy Korean rice cakes.

On Tuesday night, I had a Friends for Life board meeting. So I didn't get home for dinner until about 7:30. I put this Daiya Margherita Pizza in the oven. So good! I love the big circle slices of vegan mozz.

And on Wednesday, I stopped by the downtown LYFE Kitchen — just blocks from my office! — for this Quinoa Crunch Wrap (quinoa tabbouleh, avocado, edamame hummus, broccoli, tomato, and cucumber). This hit the spot, and I felt so good after I ate it!

That's it for now! I'll be taking a short blogging break until mid-next week. But I'll be back with lots of awesome food pics!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED THE SPEECH. I have been #readyforhillary since 2008 but it felt SO GOOD for her to have the support of Barack+the entire Democratic Party. Most vegans I know have turned into major Bernie Bro's so good to hear that you enjoyed it!

Lola V said...

Go Hillary! I really hope she will be our next president! Everything you eat looks so good. It's so hard to find vegan restaurants where I live.

Sarah said...

Wow, you have had some great meals!! The Ethiopian meal looks fantastic and colorful! It's so hot but the soup with wontons/dumplings and rice cakes looks phenomenal. Really yummy stuff! I've never tried the Daiya pizzas because they are so pricey but after seeing that I may have to suck up the price tag to give it a try… I have to try it once, right? Haha love rationalization.

foodfeud said...

Yeah that Ethiopian meal looks absolutely gorgeous. I don't eat it often, but it's so good!
The SOB burger sounds really good too. Jalapenos make everything better.

Hannah Teson said...

That picnic spread though! Also, I bawled during her entire speech. Just... so much YAS.

Jennifer said...

That pizza looks pretty awesome!